This guest post has been contributed by the energy experts at Money Mate. Money Mate brings you the best deals on business utilities while adding incentives for you and your customers. You could pay nothing for business energy within 12 months! The service is free and independent. Sounds like a good deal already.

We understand that the readers of Sunday Woman have better things to do with their time than spend hours on the phone, being passed from department to department desperately trying to beat their business energy renewal quote. Our service takes away all of the hassle of saving money on energy away, meaning you may spend your time more productively, forging on through your workload and clocking off on time. This means you may spend your evening doing something much more exciting than speaking to an energy company call centre.

Who are Money Mate?
We are an independent company who work on behalf of businesses to help them find the best deals on their business electricity and gas accounts while adding incentives on premiums to help you pay the lowest on your utilities and insurance.

How is the Service Funded?
Our customers don’t pay anything for our service, the energy companies do. This doesn’t mean we are biased in any way, far from it. We pride ourselves on finding the very best deal every time as not only does this please our customers, it keep our business busy which is just how we like it.

Aren’t You the Same as Those Other Comparison Websites?
We do offer a similar service is some ways to the comparison websites however we are experts in business energy and few business tariffs make it onto the comparison websites. What we do is that we work with you to find out what exactly you need (our energy consultants know all of the right questions to ask, making the process simple and speedy through a simple one page form). We then search a number of large companies, using these details in order to find you the very best prices specific to your needs. This not only saves you time, it also saves you money and in business reducing overheads is a must.

We often find you special tariffs and discounts that you wouldn’t necessarily be offered if you called up yourself. We also offer Money Mate branded business energy and insurance but will always show you every deal we’ve found in order to remain impartial. On the Money Mate products you can save money on your premiums simply by sharing our site with your customers.

So You Do the Hard Work and We Benefit?
Basically that is exactly what we do. We understand that businesses of all sizes need to be mindful of their overheads and with energy costs being a large part of the outgoing payments every month it is essential to be on the right tariff for your circumstances.

Once we’ve found the perfect tariffs for you (which takes seconds online) we show you a list that is simple but has the option to delve deeper for more information. You aren’t under any obligation to go with any quote. When people use our service for the first time they might consider it a “nothing ventured, nothing gained” experience at first until they realise how much money and how much time we’ve saved.

We aim to find customers coming back time and time again at renewal time so that we can save them money and let them get on with more important things once more.

Visit us now and sign up as a Money Mate business.