It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to treat your mum, our mums deserve it all through the year. If you are looking for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas though, this is the place to be. I strongly believe we have found the very best gifts for mums who appreciate quality, class and style. For mums who love a little luxury, who understand craftsmanship and the beauty of natural, unfiltered ingredients to create aromatic soothing lotions and potions that indulge and restore.

Starting with one of the very best gifts for mums we’ve come across in our decade of bringing you Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, this one is truly scrumptious.

Wallaroo Lady Jane Hat

Designed by Lady Jane Seymour this hat is simply stunning and bound to turn heads wherever you go. Forget flimsy, itchy, scratchy straw, this hat is soft, yet rigid enough to hold its shape beautifully. It’s weaved specifically to give a natural SPF 50, the ultimate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The blue sky silky scarf is threaded through it effortlessly with brass eyes holding it sophisticatedly in place. It has weight but is not too heavy and stores neatly (but don’t fold it). We are in love with it, it has to be seen to be believed, touched to be appreciated. The photo does not do it justice but it does give you an idea.

Editor’s note – I gave this hat to my mum days before she shaved off all her long, beautiful blond hair due to undergoing R-CHOP chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. The thought of wearing the hat kept the tears from my mum’s eyes as her hair fell to the floor. This, paired with a pair of Powder sunglasses will be my mum’s new look throughout spring as she fights for a few extra months with us, her family. You can see the video here and if you are touched at all, please do donate a little to Macmillan Cancer Yorkshire. Please excuse the cigarettes and alcohol, mum sees little point in abstaining from these two previous loves at this stage, and who can blame her?

The Wallaroo Lady Jane hat wins our Top Product Award

Arran Sense of Scotland Mother’s Day Gift Set

You know how much we love some products from Arran Sense of Scotland and this time they’ve really hit the ball out the playing field. Their Mother’s Day Gift Set features their signature products, After the Rain, including their new After the Rain bath and body oil that leaves you in a heavenly state of petrichor bliss for hours.

A gorgeous gift for any mum, a gorgeous gift for you!

An Apology

I am so very sorry for not finishing this gift guide. My mum passed away in my arms over Mother’s Day last year (2023), I was caring for her for the few months before. Feel free to add me on Facebook to see the journey we went through as she said her goodbyes.

I thought I would be able to work through it, my mum instilled in me an excellent work ethic, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend time on a magazine that she held dear to her heart.

I’m back now though and the wheels are turning again. We have so much planned and ready to make Sylvia James proud! Which is why I’m carrying it on for 2024 so let’s see what mum would have loved and what I am adoring this Mother’s Day!

Flowwow Flowers

Not only is the name adorable, they deliver quickly and produce the most beautiful bouquets. When you buy online from Flowwow (I’m not getting paid for this) you know your mum is in for a real treat. Be confident and splash the cash with a bouquet she’ll remember forever.

Lola’s Cupcakes

This year’s design of the Mother’s Day Lola’s cupcakes is beautiful, from the pale pink chocolate hearts emblazoned with mum to the edible flowers. Make sure mum has a sweet tooth though as these are SO sweet but lovely. They have a hidden centre that makes them so moist and delicious. Eat them like a sandwich to stop frosting coating your chin. (That’s a tip I learned from TikTok!)

Bethany Ankle Boot from Heavenly Feet

By now you know that when you buy a shoes from Heavenly Feet you’re in for a comfortable walking experience. The Bethany boot is no different, however it doesn’t LOOK like a comfy boot, it looks elegant, cosy, sophisticated and a little sexy. We love it.

Ostrich Pillow Napping Pillow

This pillow went viral a few years ago and deserves a comeback. It goes over the head and cancels out noise allowing you to shut out the world completely. It’s like an immersion chamber for your entire body as your head tells the rest of your body that you’re enclosed in supreme comfort and so you drift off or daydream serenely. You really can stop the world and hop off with this pillow.