Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When answers the travellers’ perennial question – where is the best place to visit during every season of the year?

Giving you the world’s best trips and experiences each month, Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When is both practical and inspiring. Jam-packed with seasonal ideas, expert insights and breathtaking photography, the book presents 30 recommendations for each month of the year that are at their best at that time – maybe because the destination is hosting a not-to-be missed festival; because it’s cheaper and calmer before peak season; because it’s when the manta rays/polar bears/butterflies are in town or because the weather is just so spectacular.

Is there an experience you’re desperate to have, and you want to make sure you have it when the conditions are just right? Or maybe you have set dates for your next holiday and need to know which destinations will offer your desired sun, sights, surf or wildlife-sightings when you’re free to visit? Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When is here to help.

Using a combination of infographics and expert insights, this book will resolve travel dilemmas for every traveller, on every sort of trip. Suggestions are provided for every flavour of travel experience: from culture-rich city breaks and tropical beach holidays to adventurous road trips and wildlife-watching expeditions.

Every corner of the planet is covered so you’ll know when is the best time to see mountain gorillas or to go shopping in Paris.

Organised by month, Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When includes a flowchart at the start of each chapter guiding travellers through the options and enabling them to filter the recommendations according to their interests. Answer the questions and follow the strands to help drill down the type of trip you want. Whether you want to chill out or challenge yourself, find cultural sites, active exploits or your inner self, Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When will give you a wealth of ideas.

Diagrams also depict the climate, value for money and family friendliness of each suggestion. So whatever type of trip you’re looking for, whichever month you can get away, and whether you’re a hammock-swinger, biker, gourmand, rail-lover, road-tripper or raver, Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When can help you decide exactly where to go.

Where to go when in February, find out with Lonely Planet’s easy flow chart

Reproduced with permission from Where to Go When, © 2017 Lonely Planet