This week there’s been a musical backdrop in the office. As the rain pours down, and the mornings turn crisp, we’ve been listening to Nina Kotova – Tchaikovsky and it’s added a little magic to our days.

Already we have the most beautiful setting, within a dense forest, we enjoy a babbling brook and waterfall, a pond that’s visited by ducks, and rolling hills of rapeseed and corn. This album added an enchanting feel while lifting the mood of all of us, and dare we say it, it made us feel as though anything was possible.

It brought a decadence to the office, a sense of culture, a snippet of wonder, and while we worked, it was obvious to see that all of us revelled in the musical talent of accomplished cellist, Nina Kotova.

There are moments, from the dramatic commencement, where some of us stopped mid sentence to absorb the atmosphere and listen to the music, almost as if nature intended. It takes a lot for us to gush about an album, but this one, we believe is ideal for welcoming autumn, for exciting the creative juices, and for stopping to smell the roses.

We won’t pretend to be experts on classical music, as we only know that we truly love the serenade that felt personal. Nina Kotova has been heralded as an original talent with a superb technical ability and we can see why. We believe this album would make an ideal gift for anyone this season while being an essential purchase for the office. We listened while working but we can easily see how Tchaikovsky by Nina Kotova could enhance any lazy evening.

To understand our passion for this album, download your own on iTunes. We promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s a full hour of a feast for the senses.

Nina Kotova, rightly wins our Approved badge, along with going into our Top Product Hall of Fame