Are you stuck on what to buy him this year, for his birthday or Christmas? We’ve got you covered with some great ideas that will put a smile on his face. A lot of these would be suitable for women too, they just have a boyish edge. I know I’ve especially loved tidying up my garage with the first one on my list, while the Remington products came in very handy for giving my autistic son a beard haircut.

I’d like to say there isn’t a pair of socks in sight but there is, simply because these Critically endangered socks are a fantastic design but also help towards a good cause.

We’ll be adding to this list all the time so do check back soon or subscribe to get updates. Without any further ado, here begins our Perfect presents for men.

BiGDUG Christmas Mega Deal

All this for just shy of £187! ALL OF THIS! And it’s a lot. We received it to review it for you and it’s an incredible deal. Here’s what we did with most of it.

The shelves have gone into the garage that I’m converting into a Warhammer den for my son. The same son nabbed many of the larger boxes for me to turn them into ecosystems for roaches, crickets and woodlouse that he feeds to his many tarantulas. He also nabbed one as a habitat for African Giant Snails. The workbench is used to paint warhammer figures on, we spray painted it rose gold and it looks amazing. It’s very very sturdy.

The trays are used for screws, nails, cable ties, paints, and I’ve pinched some to organise seeds I’ve taken from the garden this year and added labels. I can’t stress enough how much of a good deal this is, the only thing you may need to worry about is having enough wrapping paper!

This Mega Deal wins our Best on a Budget Award

Hagley West Watch

From something budget friendly to something a little more luxurious with the wow factor. This incredible watch looks smart and sophisticated and is bound to be a conversation starter. Just look at it! We absolutely love the weight of it, how snug it feels on the wrist and how versatile it is, whether you’re a country or city man you will look fully put together with the addition of the Hagley West watch.

Hagley West Watch
Just look at it!