Anal sex between heterosexual couples is no longer the taboo it once was, those that have tried either love or despise it whereas those that have definitely heard of the advantages/disadvantages.

Many men also love the idea of anal sex as it’s forbidden territory that adds extra excitement for sex, however women that haven’t yet stepped into the world of the behind wonder why they feel under such pressure to perform. There are only positives for the male as he receives a tighter way of making love, yet the female receives what can sometimes be viewed as a painful intrusion. For those that would like to try it but are scared of the consequences here are some candid questions and answers to help you make up your mind.

Does it Hurt?

The simple answer is yes, it can but there are ways to make sure it doesn’t. The first ingredient you need is a patient caring partner. No matter how flexible your rectal muscles and how small his penis, a partner that just pokes with no regard for your comfort will inevitably produce pain, putting you off for life. It’s a good idea to start gently, with a slim vibrator first, or even on your own with some anal beads building up gradually until you think you can handle a well lubricated penis. The best positions for pain relief are doggy style (although this can seem quite impersonal) and spooning, however as it is more intimate due to the forbidden nature I suggest putting you bum on a pillow and letting him enter gently whilst you’re face to face. He can then read your expression and adjust thrusts accordingly to suit, and you can also masturbate to achieve the intense orgasms that result from anal sex.

What’s in it for me?

Indeed, with the threat of pain and violation you may feel as though this is a huge favour you’re offering to your partner with very little in return, yet once you get in the swing of it you’ll find there are huge benefits and not just the gratitude from him. A man’s G-spot is located up the bum so he should actually find receiving more pleasurable than you (see our other articles on how to find it and use it!) but for some reason women still feel intense pleasure from anal sex. As there are no specific erogenous zones up there for women it’s unsure why, but anyone who enjoys anal sex will tell you it intensifies the orgasm and feels amazing!

What about stains, smells and other embarrassing stuff?

Some people recommend having a good clear out the day before you want to partake in anal sex but it’s not always necessary. You’re body, although not used to objects up there, will stretch to accommodate as long as you relax moving anything icky out of the way to incorporate a man’s penis. Sometimes there maybe a little left over residue, yet this rarely causes embarrassment as the thrill of the act much outweighs the possible after effects. If you are worried ask him to wear a condom that can easily be removed and discarded and make sure you use plenty of lube for clean entry.