A month ago a huge box arrived on our doorstep. It was light but massive and as I struggled to drag it up the stairs into the office I wondered what could be inside.

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and a huge shiny rainbow unicorn head floated towards the ceiling! Then after turning the box on its side and climbing inside I discovered a small but perfectly formed parcel with a hand written note.

Martina, we would like you to be one of the first twenty people to review our new unicorn bar. Warmest Regards, Ritter Sport.

First Impressions

My daughter, Percy, soon clocked the huge balloon and the unicorn bar. In bright pink happy shiny packaging it was hard to miss. She ran around the house with the unicorn before trying to prise the single bar from my hands. I promised her that we’d share it at bedtime, watching our favourite film (currently Howl’s Moving Castle by Studio Ghibli).

The Bar

If the packaging wasn’t beautiful enough with its splattering of pearlescent rainbows, the bar continued to raise expectations. A smooth deep milk chocolate layered onto a sparkly dotted pink base greeted us as we tore open the wrapper. On smelling the bar I was greeted with the sweet scent of strawberry and cocoa. A combination I adore. I broke off a tiny square.

Ritter Unicorn Bar Award

The Taste

The combination of white chocolate (that formed the base for the strawberry) and milk chocolate blew me away. I’m not just saying this because they sent me a balloon, it really was delicious. It melted in my mouth and at first reminded me of a kinder egg, until the strawberry flavour hit then it was like no other chocolate I’ve ever tasted before. Despite being in the midst of autumn, it reminded me of strawberry picking on a summer’s day, of summer puddings, strawberries and cream, tennis and fresh fruit. The small dots throughout the strawberry layer offered further bursts of flavour and it was seconds before I reached for another square but..

The Problem

In the time it had taken me to experience a single small square my daughter had finished the entire bar. “Wow that was yummy mummy, do you have any more?” “Nope, just the one bar Percy Bear.” Her face fell a little. “Well I think it’s the type of thing Santa will bring. It’s my new favourite chocolate!” Despite being a little disappointed that I couldn’t have anymore, I conceded that this was what reviews were for. It’s hard to find a person more honest than a chocolate loving nine year old and believe me, this one has tried EVERY chocolate, from raw to bean to bar and has occasionally been quite scathing with her reviews.

Where to Buy the Ritter Sport Unicorn Bar

It seems only 50 bars were made and they’re very hard to get hold of. Thank you Ritter Sport and thank you Percy for eating such a rare bar! I will keep updating this post though as soon as more information is available and I’ll also ask Ritter Sport about their plans for distribution. Do check back soon!

Update: The bars are available in Wilko! That’s if they’ve not all sold out!

Another Update: The bars were limited edition and came to an end in November. One day they may be on sale again, until then look out for Ritter Sport in our Christmas Gift Guides.

In Summary

This is a beautiful bar backed up with incredible flavours, aesthetically stunning, it also tastes amazing and will leave you wanting more.. Is it any wonder this bar wins our Top Product Award?

Ritter Sport Unicorn Review

Please note: We have not been paid for this review, we never are. It’s our USP and our way of keeping reviews completely unbiased.

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