We’ve fallen in love with rose gold products, from hairbrushes to highlighters and everything in between. Here we bring you the best rose gold products on the market, so you can treat yourself to a bit of blush bling.

Rock and Ruddle Rose Gold Hairbrush

We love Rock and Ruddle, they make one of the only brushes that can actually glide through mydaughter’s naturally curly hair with ease. They are always coming up with new designs and we adore the new rose gold offering.

Rose Gold Tangle Angels

Another hairbrush that glides through my daughter’s hair is the Tangle Angel’s rose gold hair brush. She actually uses this herself, and every time she does, she marvels at how little it hurts when detangling all those knots!

Belkin Rose Gold Technology

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Belkin is amazing at providing great looking tech that you’ll be proud to have in your car or handbag. We love the rose gold accessories, the charging docks and luggage tags, they are now our favourite for lightening cables and chargers. Check out the rose gold range, we love it.

ADATA Flash Drive Rose Gold – AI920

It may seem strange to become excited about a memory stick but I seriously wouldn’t be without the rose gold memory stick from ADATA. It looks amazing while having an immense capacity for holding all types of media. You don’t have to erase documents to add more with this memory stick, as it will happily store everything, with space to spare. It also has a little holder, for keeping it close, and it seems to save movies with more clarity than any other memory stick we’ve used.

Rubis Rose Gold Tweezers

These are strong, sturdy tweezers that pluck with absolute precision and look great on a bathroom shelf. We love them!

My Spa Cleansing Facial Brush


The rose gold My Spa cleansing brush gives an incredible deep clean while holding its charge for longer than others we’ve tried. It also looks amazing and has 5 settings!

Rose Gold Sockets from the Socket Store

The rose gold sockets and switches from the socket store look amazing in any room while adding modern functionally with extras such as USB charging too. They are of a very high quality, very sturdy, heavy and obviously, superior products. We love them, and think they look amazing against any backdrop while adding elegance and style to the home.

Rose Gold Corkcicle Tumbler

This keeps drinks VERY hot or VERY cold. We’ve actually left a hot coffee for more than 8 hours, returned and found it exactly the same temperature as when we made it. It is the VERY best insulated cup we’ve ever tried. Easy to handle and fits snugly in a universal cup holder in a car. I now don’t go anywhere without it.

Rose Gold Filofax

This is an impressive filofax that has everything you need to keep you organised. It looks fantastic and is an absolute joy to use. We wouldn’t be without it. Find yours a Filofax.co.uk. This particular model is the Saffiano A5 Rose Gold. You won’t be disappointed, we’ve all got one now, in the office! It also makes a great gift for any woman in business.

Rose Gold Pedal Bin from Simple Human

This pedal bin has a very generous capacity that’s hard to find these days. It also looks amazing and operates with complete ease. We’ve set it against a backdrop of Farrow and Ball’s Elephant Breath paint and it looks amazing, it really tidies up the kitchen while adding a bit of bling. We love it. It also has a separate space to hold the bin bags, making it even more convenient.

Rose Gold Magnifying Mirror from Simple Human

Simple Human is becoming my favourite brand for interior design. Their rose gold mirror is made with the same attention to detail I’ve come to expect from these guys. It actually magnifies to 10x which is incredible for cleaning out pores and creating precision eyebrows. The smooth movements and strong, sturdy stand, makes this a winner in my eyes.

Rose Gold Genius Toothbrush from Oral B

This toothbrush is unlike any other, it has a brain inside, we’re sure of it! It whitens teeth with ease and we noticed a significant improvement when brushing our teeth. We absolutely adore the accessories, from the strong, sturdy, rose gold holder that makes charging a breeze to the travel case that you can charge on the go. We can’t champion this toothbrush enough, it’s a must for any bathroom shelf and a must for your oral hygiene.

Braun’s Rose Gold Epilator

This didn’t hurt a bit, maybe it;s because it looked so pretty! Either way, it’s an incredible product and should be added to any collection of pain free beauty tools. Even though hairs were only a few mm long it removed them with ease, and slow enough so it didn’t feel like ripping a plaster off, as it normally does, They glided out gently, and left legs hair free for nearly six weeks. We’re impressed.

Rose Gold Headphones

The HD 4.30 features a 3-button smart remote conveniently located on the cable, which allows you to control music and take calls with ease, and the sturdy folding design makes these headphones durable and compact enough to be taken anywhere. The comfort of these is amazing, and the clarity of sound is supreme. We love how they fold up too, while looking great when you listen to music.