With a rainbow kitchen it seemed apt that we’d choose a Rubiks Cube mini fridge (yes I know the grammar isn’t quite right but Google hates an apostrophe!)

I was a little weary before it arrived as I wondered if it would simply be a black fridge with Rubik’s Cube stickers adorning it, thus looking like one of my own failed projects with sticky back plastic. I couldn’t have been more surprised when I opened the large box to reveal a feast for the eyes. A glorious, perfectly sized mini fridge in all its technicolour glory, the ideal accessory for my rainbow kitchen, the best appliance I’ve bought to date.

The only concern that crossed my mind was why couldn’t I get hold of a kettle like this, a toaster, a can opener? I actually painted my 8 seater table in Rubik’s Cube style 2 years ago in a post that went viral and it was dissected and discussed on the ever so popular roasting group, Discuss, Debate and Rant. I love my Rubik’s Cube table but realise it’s not to everyone’s taste, however this fridge should be.

If the pop of multicolour is too much for your understated kitchen, buy this anyway, as it’s great for any room. If I had two or three I’d keep them:

  • In the larder to keep medicines fresh or wine
  • In the children’s playroom for slime making or cold drinks
  • In the children’s snug for snacks
  • In the games room
  • The possibilities are endless. My office is a mixture of babay blue hues so it wouldn’t blend well, but it would look great in any other room in the house.

Now, to the functionality.

Despite being small it is a little like the TARDIS as you can fit so much into it.

Unlike other small fridges, it’s not just for drinks, so it has flat shelves that allow for storage of anything. In addition to this it also has door storage for milk and drinks, which makes it the ideal choice for a fridge that is also space saving.

As you can tell I’ve fallen in love with this little block of fun, and do believe everyone should have one!