We visited this renowned destination to bring you an uncensored Saunton Sands Hotel review to help you decide whether to visit this infamous hotel. The Saunton Sands Hotel is well known for it’s glorious views over Saunton Sands, the beach that’s made history by providing it’s glorious landscape to Hollywood blockbusters. The beach itself is unrivalled, with grass topped sand dunes dotting the expanse of a pale vast beach, where the rolling waves lap gently, or fiercely, onto the shore, inviting many keen surfers in.

Many visitors to North Devon choose the Saunton Sands Hotel purely because of the location and views but we wanted to see if there was a little more to this establishment to make it stand out. If we took the beach away would it still be a hotel we’d want to visit? Would it tick all of our boxes and would it make us feel pampered and relaxed? The short answer is yes.

The inclement weather seemed to herald our arrival as we met a closed road on the journey from Barnstaple. The rain drummed down onto the windscreen and with the wipers on full, and the sun setting quickly, it seemed a formidable place to visit. It wasn’t until the next morning that we appreciated the views across the open beaches, the sheer cliff drops and rolling fields, the quaint surf shops, the unspoilt countryside on the drive to the hotel.

Despite the weather the huge whitewashed building sporting the moniker of the hotel allowed us to find the place easily. The steep car park was generously sized and it was moments before we were stood in a warm reception with the glittering translucent lights of a Christmas tree behind us. The check in staff were helpful and answered all of our questions patiently before directing us to a room just a stone’s throw away for our stay. There was no concierge or bell boy, or anyone to help with luggage, which is fine as we didn’t need to navigate any stairs.

The room itself was tastefully decorated in a plethora of beige and grey, with crisp white cotton sheets on the kingsize bed, which was, as expected, two singles pushed together. We were greeted with a box of handmade truffles which we thought were a lovely touch. The tea and coffee making facilities were generous with biscuits alongside the usual suspects.

We were surprised by the absence of a mini bar but the surprise soon turned to awe when we noticed the balcony behind the heavy drawn curtains. A small balcony with the space for one or two chairs, it gave an incredible view across the sands. From here we could watch the surf, we could watch Tom Cruise in action, we could sit for hours and just take in the sights. Further inspection revealed a short rocky path down to the beach itself, while an outdoor pool glistened in the moonlight and Palm trees swayed in the wind. Had the weather been better it would have been easy to believe we were in fact on the coast of California, as the scene was out of this world, showcasing the very best that Britain has to offer.

We decided on a trip to the Spa followed by a swim in the pool. The spa were accommodating and could fit me in quite quickly. The massages were lovely. We were lucky, the pool was empty and we spent a good hour bobbing around, swimming and relaxing poolside. The temperature was perfect and we worked up enough appetite for dinner. We chose room service so we could make the most of the fabulous views and the food did not disappoint.

This is a beautiful hotel in an ideal location and we will visit again. Next time, we’ll take a trip in the summer so we can try the outdoor facilities and take a walk across the fabulous beach.