This isn’t necessarily a fashion post, unless you are one of those who looks her best wearing just a smile. This post is about a nifty piece of kit which is reputed to offer a dentist grade clean without the financial sting visiting the hygienist inflicts.

Getting You Out of The Dentist’s Chair

Unless your dentist looks like George Clooney the chances are there are better things you could be doing with your time, other than spending it listening to the dentist tell you about his holiday while he polishes your teeth. There are a number of fancy gadgets on the market which offer to completely revolutionise your oral care routine however how many could you truly say you’d trust to do the job?

The Soniclean 2000 is offering the same benefits as a good clean at the dentist however it does it from the comfort of your own home and every day. No more waiting for your next dentist appointments to enjoy that perfectly clean sensation again.

Money Better Spent Elsewhere

We don’t for a minute believe that money spent on boosting or maintaining your oral health could be wasted as such. That said, if a £29.99 piece of kit does as good a job as a £100 one surely spending an additional £70 or more is indeed wasted money. You could buy a lot of floss and toothpaste with that. It could also buy one or even two very nice pairs of shoes.

What You Get for Your Money

When you buy the Soniclean 2000 system, which comes with different sized heads so that the size is perfect for both children and adults, you receive a number of benefits:

  • The Soniclean 2000 is rechargeable so no pesky scrambling around for batteries or in the case of the children’s character brushes throwing them out and buying new ones which whistle and light up.
  • An LED display and timer features a two minute timer so that users are sure to brush for the full 120 seconds recommended by dentists.
  • Three different speeds / modes including senstive and whitening.
  • A bacteria blasting experience.
  • The ability to replace heads and as when necessary (three months is the recommendation from dentists although it would be an idea to change earlier if you notice wear) without having to buy a whole new system.

Simplifying Your Dental Routine

Life is busy enough without adding something extra to it however the Soniclean 2000 actually saves time as well as encourages a well-rounded and highly effective toothbrushing experience. Two minutes should be all that you need to enjoy clean, bright and great feeling teeth.

Is It Worth Paying For

If it saves  you time, money, keeps you away from the dental surgery and leaves you with such a brilliant looking smile that we’d say yes, it is most definitely worth looking into.