In a fast changing world, it’s heart-warming to know that some things remain a constant. Motherhood and all the delights it brings is one such certainty, offering much joy to those who embark on its long and fulfilling journey.  It is easy to forget everything our mothers did for us so I am all in favour of celebrating Mothering Sunday – or Mother’s Day, as it is now commonly known.   I will certainly be honouring my own lovely mother who imbued me with a strong sense of family, as well as my work ethic, and passed on so much invaluable advice from her mother.  

Mother’s Day is a time-honoured tradition dates back an incredible four centuries – and, although it may feel a little too commercialised at times, the old-fashioned celebration of motherhood remains at its heart. The occasion also offers an opportunity to give the mums in our lives special recognition – which may mean showering them with gifts, giving them a day off from cooking lunch or even a little pampering, perhaps.

In the first throes of motherhood, the full on demands may put paid to any ‘me time’. New-borns require attention, which means mums put their own needs on the back burner. With a hungry new addition wide awake at night, our beauty sleep all but disappears.  We skip our skin-replenishing regime, the gym or even that healthy diet we committed to nine months ago. 

And so, while bringing up baby, we run the risk of losing a little of ourselves. Weeks turn to months, months to years and, before we know it, our bodies, complexion and fitness have taken the toll of unintended neglect.

I believe that some TLC is as important for the mother’s wellbeing as it is for their offspring – at any stage of parenting. There is certainly no room for the ‘guilt fairy’ here – that nagging voice inside every mum’s head.

Reading around the subject confirms what I believe to be a rather sorry state of affairs. Many mums despair at their ‘mummy tummies’ and stretch marks and the like; the nagging doubts about their appearance ruining confidence long after the little ones are out of nappies

Interestingly, when schools went back in September, the vlogging site,,reported that cosmetic treatments were as high on the list of ‘must dos’ as the children’s new uniform, stationery and PE kit!  With pressure on to look good (mostly from other mums, it seems), 5% had treated themselves to Botox and fillers with cosmetic dental work, new clothes and beauty treatments also topping those pre-term ‘pick-me-ups’.

Whilst a complete ‘mummy makeover’ might not be on everyone’s wish list, those postnatal stretch marks, the loose skin, fat pockets and other changes that pregnancy brings are not always welcome. Ironically, having extolled the virtues of good old-fashioned values, I am thankful for some things in life that have changed – in this instance, clinical technology. By harnessing the very best in cutting-edge cosmetic treatments, my Skin South West clinic can troubleshoot these problem areas.

No amount of gym work, dieting or specialist skincare products will shift those stubborn fat pockets, tighten loose skin or improve the appearance of unwanted spider veins and stretch marks – pregnancy war medals if you will!    The breast and tummy area are notoriously troublesome. Shifting weight gained during pregnancy can seem impossible and we understand how best to achieve the results you desire.

There are a number of tell-tale signs left behind after pregnancy – most people who consult with me complain about flabby skin pouching and stretch marks.  I recommend radio frequency treatments which have a tightening effect particularly well suited to mums, starting the process towards a more toned abdomen.

Do you also bemoan the fact that you have a build up of stubborn body fat which no amount of hard work reduces and which ruins any chances of you slipping into a bikini again?  If so, there are new technologies (my preference is Cryosculpt) which will freeze fat cells to reduce unwanted flab without going under the knife to reduce a mum tum.

If you suffered with thread veins or spider veins during pregnancy, no matter how long ago you had your baby, they’re probably still there – they simply do not disappear of their own accord. I recommend the use of IPL laser technology that harnesses light energy which is applied to the skin where it is readily absorbed by blood vessels, heating them to a point where they are destroyed. Following treatment, the vessels quickly clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.  

I also treat patients with sclerotherapy which is a proven medical treatment and has been used since the 1930’s to treat painful varicose veins and unsightly spider veins. A solution made up of salt is injected directly into the vein, causing the lining of the blood vessel to swell and stick together, clotting the blood. Eventually the vessel turns into a scar and fades away.

Cherish your children and make sure you celebrate motherhood this Mother’s Day but, but also take time to nourish yourself and address some of the body confidence concerns motherhood may have conferred on you.  Please don’t feel guilty – just tell them that you have a Fairy Godmother.