We may not have their stylists or bank balance however we can take some great tips from the celebrities on how to dress when pregnant.  Pregnant celebrities seem to fall into just a few categories when sporting a baby bump and each one accentuates a different feature ensuring they always look blooming lovely.


The Smock

Even the most contemporary celebrity will choose to wear a folky patterned smock when pregnant, however not for the reasons women did decades ago. The smock used to be the only maternity garment of choice as women would be urged to cover the bump rather than put it on display.

Instead of tent like garments, todays smocks have clever intricate patterns that highlight the bump underneath whilst still being floaty enough to move around in. Many opt for the string like straps or the low cut smock that may cover the baby but highlights the cleavage. Isla Fisher, Kate Hudson and even Victoria Beckham are all fond of this style. Today the smock is used to advertise the forthcoming bundle of joy yet some celebrities still use it when filming to try and hide their growing waistline, such as Sarah Jessica Parker in season five of Sex and the City.

The A-Line

Nothing accentuates a blooming figure like an A-line dress and those celebrities who manage to avoid the notorious weight gain look stunning in this design. As the fabric gathers just under the breasts, it shows how slim a figure is before it gives with more material to cover the bump beneath.

In fact it was this very style that prompted Holly Willoughby to set out he own range, as it proudly promotes the best assets of an expectant figure (most predominantly the growing cleavage) drawing the eyes away from the growing waist.

The Under Bump Belt

Some celebrities will not give into maternity wear until they absolutely have to and so instead they will wear their usual wardrobe adding a belt below the bump to adapt the style. This is a favourite trend of Michelle Williams and she was spotted wearing white shift dresses with the addition of a leather belt when carrying her only child with the late Heath Ledger.

In Your Face!

Then there are those celebrities who squeeze their bumps into bodycon dresses showing off every curve. In fact we may learn a little from these as although in day to day life we may worry about a less than flat stomach or a flattened chest, pregnancy is one time when almost anyone will look amazing in skin tight clothes. Even horizontal stripes are allowed above the thighs as these only accentuate the rotundness of the baby bump rather than adding extra weight.

Heels or Flats?

The nation is divided as to whether heels should be worn during pregnancy. Victoria Beckham’s stiletto habit came into question when carrying Harper Seven she refused to wear flats, as she was so used to adding at least three inches onto her tiny frame. Of course heels elongate the body, add height and also tone calves and thighs, which can be a blessing if your pregnancy pins are still pretty enough to display.

It really is a matter of choice, but if you do wear heels make sure you have some comfy slippers at home!