Our Sunday Woman awards are coveted by many brands as they prove the worth in the product and boost sales considerably.

We regularly give out Sunday Woman awards to the best:

  • Skincare
  • Bath and Body Products
  • Home and Garden Products
  • Kitchen Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Footwear
  • Lingerie and Bedroom Toys
  • Technology and Gadgets
  • Children’s Products
  • Restaurants
  • Food

We recommend to our readers the restaurants, hotels, products and accessories that will help them personally and professionally in their quest for work/ life success.

All of the products we recommend are reviewed first hand and put through a serious testing process to ensure our seal of approval badge and product of the month award retains its reputation for only championing those products that are of the highest quality and the best value.

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We also recommend software, apps, retail technology, ecommerce services and meeting places.

We’ll look forward to promoting you and your products on Sunday Woman