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Minerals for Health  The role of minerals in our diet is important. Here we look at why each mineral is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Calcium Essential for building strong healthy bones and teeth. Good sources of calcium are dairy products,...
This was a guest post written by Rebecca Fehily and submitted by Martina Mercer for LivingWell gyms, strangely, they didn't want Martina's name linked to it though, so now it's all ours! Here are their 3 ways to improve...
food delivered lockdown

Home, Garden and Food Shops Still Delivering During Lockdown

Since the start of lockdown more and more people have been shopping online. My lovely postman told me that his job feels like Christmas everyday, except without the tips. He's delivering parcels to the...
The Rug Seller Review

Outdoor Rug from The Rug Seller Review

We reviewed this rug from The Rug Seller, seeing if it stood up to the elements. Discover what we did.

Best Shampoo Bars and Shampoos and Conditioners for Dry and Oily Hair

We love reviewing hair products and are quite ruthless in the process as we don't publish reviews of any we don't like. All you see on these pages are products that have impressed us...
Best wax melts and candles

The Best Scented Wax Melts and Candles

Discover the best wax melts and luxury home fragrances in our list
Brexit or not to Brexit?

Should You Ever Talk Politics with a Date?

Never talk about religion or politics, the saying goes. These topics can get fiery – even between good friends and family members – so can be seen as particularly risky to discuss...