Technology gifts should not be under estimated as they are now one of the most popular gifts to buy for him, her or for teens. From wireless earphones to phone cases, from laptops to tablets and all in between.

We’ve been testing out the top ten technology gifts to see if they live up to their promises and make life easier. There are some inventive products out there, and we were blown over by how far this world has come and what’s on offer.

HyperX Gaming Keyboard and Microphone

Top product Award

We reviewed the light up gaming keyboard from Hyper X along with the wireless charging headphones and charger and out of all of the gaming accessories we’ve reviewed these are the best. It’s that simple. Not only are they great value for money they also look great and have become a brand we can depend on. They’re sturdy, as they need to be, and don’t need replacing every six months like many gaming accessories need to be. That’s why their gaming keyboard wins our Top Product Award. It’s strong, durable, it looks great and it provides a smooth PC gaming experience. We love it, and you will too (or your teens). You will be one popular parent if you buy this for your children this year.

Hyper X keyboard review

HyperX Microphone

What is on everyone’s Christmas list this year? Every teen’s list? The HyperX microphone. Any YouTuber will tell you that this is a must for videos as low sound quality soon puts viewers off. Reduce background noise while making sure your own voice is crystal clear. As always, HyperX also ensure this looks great on a desk, as it lights up and catches the eye. A wonderful gift.

Nixplay Frame

The 9.7 inch Nixplay digital frame in black is a wonderful futuristic addition to any home. It reminded us of the moving photos from Harry Potter as it scrolled through hundreds of media files to display pre selected photographs. It’s a great way to ensure that all those digital photos you take are viewed and a wonderful way to store memories. This is why it wins our Best New Brand award as it’s one of those products that makes you wonder why someone hasn’t thought of it before. It also makes a great gift as it’s obviously personal to the recipient and is a present they will mentally thank you for repeatedly.

Best New Brand Award

Aura Digital Frame

Another digital photo frame we love is the Aura digital frame. This is so sleek and stylish and even looks great when there are no photos to display. It’s range of functionality is astounding and it’s so easy to set up too. It comes in a range of finishes to suit any interior, from classic to contemporary too.

DuoJuice Charger

The DuoJuice charger is simple yet powerful, wirelessly charging your phone in minutes. Easy to set up, it will become an indispensable piece of tech that you can’t live without as you plonk your phone on it overnight to charge.

Duo Juice wireless charger

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug

The Ember temperature controlled mug is another tech gift of the future as it keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature, no matter how distracted you become. Say goodbye to that film that forms on the top as your tea goes cold, and leave the microwave alone as you enjoy the perfect cuppa every time, for a long time!

Ember temperature controlled mug

Urbanista Ear Pods

Everyone wants AirPods, but why? They have zero personality and don’t even have a lot of the functionality that the Urbanista ear pods do. These wireless ear pods look amazing, stay snug in the ear, cancel out other noises, are great for playing sport in and produce crisp clear sound. They tick every single box, we love them.

Smart Dot

This makes a great stocking filler. You stick the dots anywhere and they clean the digital air, which leads to less headaches and less side effects from digital interference.

Smart Dot Review

Yubi Key

For the ultimate in security without any of the faffing, try Yubi Key. We were impressed by how easy it was to use straight out of the box and think it would make a great gift for grandparents and children alike.

Yubi Key

Freestat Box

Best Budget Buy Award

The Freestat box is amazing, even if you have Sky, as it transforms a TV from any room in the house into a veritable feast for the eyes. From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video to BBC iPlayer, it’s got them all. It’s amazing just how much there is to watch. It’s so easy to set up too. We love it which is why it wins our Best Budget Buy. You’ll save a fortune on Sky. The display also seems a lot crisper than other plug in TV sticks, but that could be our imagination!

Freestat box

Honor Watch GS Pro

The Honor GPS Pro Smart Watch is not only a great piece of tech but a fashion statement too, with oodles of features and a strong gorgeous display and band. It’s known as the best budget smart watch but this doesn’t do it justice as there’s nothing budget about this (except the price). You can make calls, receive texts, track heart rate, use GPS, there’s little you can’t do! It’s incredible!

If you’re an adventurer it’s even better, with 25 days better life, the power to withstand extreme temperatures and navigation to find your way home, it does it all. Leave your phone alone. This has all you need and much more. They just need a lady’s version now!

Honor GS Pro Review

EPOS Headphones

These earphones are a brilliant gift for anyone working from home. They are super comfortable but are also functional making them ideal for Zoom meetings and calls while removing other distractions.

EPOS headphones

Logitech Wireless Keyboard for iPads

The Logitech wireless keyboard for tablets and iPads is ideally sized and a brilliant price. It connects effortlessly and is a joy to use transforming the best drawing tablet into a workstation, making it easier to chat, create and perform! Pic coming soon.

We will be adding to our list all the time, not just for Christmas so do check back. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some great tech products or gift ideas check out our other guides. Every product is reviewed intensively before making it onto the list and we’re not paid for featuring products so you know you’re getting the very best tips. If we don’t like a product, it doesn’t make it onto our pages, it’s that simple, so if you don’t see it here, it’s really not worth having!