Could food tempt you into an affair? The ability to cook a good meal is the most desirable skill in an extra marital partner, according to a recent survey by Illicit Encounters, the UK’s top married dating site. 500 women were asked ‘what’s the most vital skillset for your potential partner – DIY, playing a musical instrument, speaking in public, dancing, speaking a foreign language, or cooking a good meal?’ The ability to stimulate taste buds came out on top!

“The result of our survey proves that the old saying ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ also applies to women.” Claire Page, spokesperson for Illicit Encounters said, “People who seek affairs also seek escapism from their often boring, mundane lives. Both husbands and wives in stale marriages can begin to resent their partner if they have to do the bulk a chore they don’t enjoy, such as cooking. It can naturally become a huge priority for them that their new partner has cooking skills so they don’t have to do the cooking themselves.”

The research also found that over 78% (394) of the surveyed women on would like to be wined and dined at least once a week, and 315 of these women would prefer home-made meals.

“There are many different reasons these women prefer home-made meals. Firstly, it’s less time in public at cafes and restaurants, which means more discretion. Secondly, for health and vanity reasons because home-made meals are generally healthier and contain less calories because you know and control what’s going into them. Thirdly, it shows that you’ve put more effort into the meal, cooking it yourself rather than just going to a restaurant and getting someone else to do the work. Women want to feel wanted and important. Knowing someone’s gone to the trouble of cooking something from scratch – that in itself is an aphrodisiac!”

The top ten meals women wanted were:

1)     Full English breakfast

2)     Shepherd’s pie

3)     Beef stew

4)     Lasagne

5)     Chicken Fajitas

6)     Spicy tacos

7)     Roast chicken and vegetables

8)     Spaghetti bolognaise

9)     Fish and chips

10)Chicken Caesar salad

The top ten desserts were:

1)     Chocolate brownies

2)     Chocolate fondant

3)     Ice cream

4)     Tiramisu

5)     Bakewell tart

6)     Eton mess

7)     Warm apple pie

8)     Scones with clotted cream and jam

9)     Crème brûlée

10) Battenberg cake

“Every woman loves the idea of being catered for and it’s a role reversal from the old-fashioned practice that the woman does all the cooking in the house. The idea that you can put up your feet and sip on a glass of Prosecco as your man cooks for you is sheer bliss! It doesn’t surprise me that cooking is the number one desirable skill in affairs – who wouldn’t want a man to cook them a gorgeous meal from scratch as they do nothing? It’s empowering and about time too!”