We’ve been searching high and low for the best Easter Eggs and Easter Gifts this year. As the trend of Easter baskets hits the UK, we looked at small toys and presents that could also be included.

We believe we’ve found the tastiest chocolate eggs, the most attractive gifts and the best toys for Easter gifting.

Every product has been tested and played with to ensure you can shop with confidence.

Here’s our round up.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Kinder.

What’s not to love, toys and chocolate together? We love Kinder and are especially impressed with their range this year, although we do miss the huge kinder eggs that adorned the shelves in the 2000’s. It seems the larger ones market to a niche audience, mainly lovers of Minions, TMNT or Powerpuff Girls which is a shame, as that’s a narrow age bracket. The Easter Egg Hunt is our favourite though as even adults can enjoy it.

  • Kinder Surprise Minions around the Word Egg – Made from their signature milky chocolate recipe and fun-filled with a giant minions toy to make the fun last longer – £6.95 – available from all major supermarkets
  • Kinder Surprise Easter Bunny – Hopping back into action, this deliciously milky bunny is the perfect alternative to an Egg and contains a fun little toy inside – £2.89 – available from all major supermarkets 
  • Kinder Surprise White Sheep Fluffy Toy – a great gift for those who want to make the fun last even when the chocolate has gone, each fluffy toy is also accompanied by Kinder Chocolate Minis and Kinder Chocolate Minis with cereal – £7.51 – available from all major supermarkets
  • Kinder Easter Egg Hunt Kit – For families that love an Easter Egg hunt this kit is full of treats to uncover along the way and even comes with fun pointers to help create the hunt itself – £8.60 – available from all major supermarketsKinder Range

Go Nutty with Reeses

This is a great egg for teenagers who love American chocolate. There’s a huge egg plus three mini eggs filled with peanut butter, a true treat.

The Cadbury Collection

Is it really Easter without Cadbury? Probably not. This year new items have been added to their range, so there are soft toys alongside Oreo eggs and the old favourites.

We especially love:

  • Oreo Eggs
  • Mini Eggs
  • Fluffy Bunny and Egg Pack
  • Cadbury Heroes Easter Pouch and Mini Eggs

The Easter Bunny from Guylian

A bunny filled with Guylian chocolates, what more could you wish for in an Easter basket?Guylian Bunny

The Perfect Toy and Choc Mix with Chocolate Sprinkle Stix

This is the ideal activity for children over Easter. We love it BUT, please do read the box first as you do need to buy quite a lot of items for it to work. The toy is a machine only, so you must buy the sprinkles, the breadsticks and the chocolate separately. Even so, it’s good fun!

Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane? No it’s Rainbocorns

As these smash straight from an egg they make the perfect Easter gift. We especially like the sequinned reversible rainbocorn. Is it a unicorn? Is it a bird? Is it a puppy? We don’t know, we just know we love it!

Beat the Eggs with Smasher’s Dino

These mini eggs all have a surprise inside just waiting to be broken out. Find dinosaurs galore after bashing the eggs, a true fun activity for Easter with great toys to collect.

Pick Your Pet with Playfoam Pals

These are multiple toys in one, the playfoam for moulding and the secret surprise cute pet inside. A must for any Easter basket

Have a Happy Easter with Hatchimals

Hatchimals are still eggstremely popular as they’re constantly evolving and bringing out new, innovative products to extend the range. We love these little eggs containing sparkly pets, along with the ermaid eggs that change colour when dipped in water. Ideal for an alternative Easter gift.

Fabulous Fun with Fuzzikins Bedtime Bunnies

We loved decorating these bunnies before putting them to bed, an activity that took many enjoyable hours. They’re so cute with their little eye masks and outfits and can be customised too.

Something Really Fun with This Egg from Ryan

The Ryan’s World egg is a great gift for Easter as it comes with many surprises inside. Any under 10 year old will know of Ryan from his Youtube fame so it’s also bang on trend for this year too. Children love to buy Youtuber merch as it supports their favourite YouTubers. You will be the cool mum, dad or aunt with this egg in an Easter basket.

A Perfectly Petite Pomsy Poo

This little bunny can wrap round a wrist or even the hair, to ensure your little one has a friend wherever they go. We love the miniature Pomsie Poo, especially this rabbit version, so soft and cute!

iBaby Clementoni Interactive Rabbit

For younger children and babies, this iBaby Clemntoni Rabbit is just the ticket. A lovely gift that’s not only a cuddly toy but an activity centre too. For babies from 10 months.

Something Really Special from Willie’s Cacao

The El Grande Hamper is the ultimate Easter treat for any chocolate lover. Obviously not for kids it includes everything you need for a delicious Easter weekend. the chocolate is the best bean to bar single estate chocolate in the world and it has no nasty additives or preservatives, it’s 100% natural. Viva Cacao!

Willie's Cacao El Grande Hamper
Willie’s Cacao El Grande Hamper