We’ve been testing out the best gift ideas for women for months now and we’ve finally decided on our shortlist. All of these products proved value for money while being gifts we’d all like to receive in the office. This is a large list, as there were so many great gifts for women to choose from. Settle down, take a look and start writing your Christmas wish list today.

Hot Rocks Massage Set from Find Me a Gift

If you’ve ever had a hot rocks massage you’ll know just how soothing it is. Now you can replicate that feeling at home with the help of a willing partner. This set has all you need for a hot rocks massage in the comfort of your own bed. It’ll make a great present for any woman short on time, who is stressed and needs a unique way to unwind.

Vegan Yoga Mat by MYGA- Yoga

This vegan yoga mat is heavy and robust which means it provides ideal support and cushioning whether you’re in the gym or practicing on the kitchen floor. It’s also attractive and is a little different to other yoga mats we’ve seen while being 100% vegan.


Photobox seem to extend their range of personalised photo gifts every year and this year is no different. You can make canvases, calendars and attractive photobooks or simply order prints from your photos on Facebook. So many of us upload photos daily yet we don’t consider what would happen should our PC fail, our mobile becomes lost or Facebook goes offline. Creating a photobook is an ideal way to show someone you’ve put effort and thought into their present, what’s better than giving a gift of memories?

Remington Keratin Straighteners

The keratin straighteners from Remington do exactly what they say on the tin. They’re robust and easy to manage while having an automatic cut off switch. They’re also very affordable which makes them a great pair for travelling or a gift for teens.Salon Straight Copper Smooth™ Styler

Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton know a thing or two about umbrellas and arguably make the best umbrellas in the world. Their range of designs is attractive and they are constantly updating their styles. We love the transparent umbrellas with patterns and flowers on. They fall a little deeper than an average umbrella which satisfies two problems. 1) You receive much better protection from the rain 2) You’re in little danger of poking someone’s eye out! They’d make a great gift for the fashion conscious female.

The Life Collection – David Attenborough

We adore this gift set of DVDs from David Attenborough as it provides days of entertainment from our favourite nature presenter. Learn everything you need to know about wildlife and float along on a cloud as his rhythmic voice soothes you into a state of pure relaxation. This is the ideal tonic for a cold winter as you’ll soon be transported to far away lands.

Bamboo Slate from Wacom

I just have to say one thing here. There is no better tool for creating animation for use on a PC than the Bamboo Slate from Wacom. This is the best present you could buy for anyone who writes online, anyone who has a blog, anyone who loves to doodle, anyone who loves cartoons. It’s so easy to use and produces fantastic results. It’s quite simply, amazing and it’ll soon become indispensable as once you use it, you can’t live without it.


This NASA engineered Ecosphere blew me away. It still does, every day. I have one on my desk right now, it has been there for 3 weeks. I’ve done nothing to it, yet every morning I see three tiny shrimp swimming around happily. It’s a full ecosystem in a glass ball and needs no intervention. The plant provides oxygen while the natural algae provides food. This deserves one of our Top Product awards as it’s simply amazing. Be careful, if you are buying this as a gift it’s a good idea to have it sent directly so the poor shrimp don’t put up with too much upheaval when moving home.NASA Ecosphere


We adore Petlandia, the place where you can buy customisable gifts featuring your pet! They have a wide choice of breeds so you’re bound to find an animated pet to suit your dog or cat. The products are of a high quality and they make fun presents for any pet lover. The books are our favourite as you can insert a special message before creating an adventure featuring your pet. They also sell wrapping paper, T-shirts and mugs. Let your pet be the star for Christmas.

A gift with a difference – Renew You (for skin from cancer)

This skincare set from RenewYou is specially formulated to tackle common skin complaints for someone who has overcome, or is battling cancer. My best friend has skin cancer and she loved this set as its ingredients help with scar healing while replacing the vitamins and minerals lost when battling this awful disease. It’s thoughtful but also effective and helps skin to regenerate. An ideal gift at any time of the year.

Modius Headset

We were a little skeptical about the Modius headset to begin with. It’s recommended you wear it for 90 days for 60 mins a day to achieve the full benefit. It’s a new weight loss device that seems a little gimmicky at first until you realise it actually works! It’s very easy to wear and portable so time doesn’t have to stop, while it also helps combat stress levels. It’s a win win.

StylPro Gift Set

You may have seen Nadia playing with this on Facebook and rightly so. It’s the only tool you need for washing and drying your makeup brushes. It’s a cool little gadget to have on your dressing table and makes short work of cleaning, while also ensuring brushes are returned like new, with all the softness of a brand new brush.

Zippo Handwarmer

The Zippo handwarmer is an ideal stocking filler for anyone who hates the cold. It delivers heat for hours and really warms hands, unlike cheaper gimmicks. It also looks great while being easy to use and it will become a firm favourite every winter as it’s strong and durable. You’ll only need to buy it once.

6 Hour Hand Warmer – Pink

Beautiful Blends Gift Set

Beautiful Blends have just launched in Waitrose, and as someone who works in branding and marketing, I really wasn’t sure about the product. The design seems to have missed the mark and reminds me of lavender gift sets my grandma used to give when I was a child. Somehow, William Morris designs stand the test of time, yet vintage floral like this looks a little old and outdated, while making it seem it’s aimed at those aged 70 plus. While I’m still not keen on the design, at all, I can’t fault the products. They are lovely, nicely scented and a little luxurious. This is a great gift for the more mature woman in your life.

Way Out Wax Holiday Peppermint Snow Candle from Liveinthelight

We’re always inundated with scented candles in the Sunday Woman Magazine office so this year we picked just one that we loved the best. It’s the peppermint snow candle, chosen because it’s fresh and refreshing while still making us think of Christmas with the candy cane scent.

Evolve Beauty Let it Glow Cracker

This cracker from Evolve beauty is the ideal stocking filler for a woman who loves cosmetics but also cares about the environment. Eco consciously wrapped, it looks natural while including a gorgeous skin cream that’s 100% organic.

Magnitone Makeup Blending Brush

Magnitone are well known for their facial exfoliators. Now they’ve taken some of that technology and launched the makeup blending brush. It actually works. The smooth motions ensure blending like never before, delivering a flawless finish every time.

MacSnowman from Dartington Crystal

Dartington Crystal are just round the corner from our offices and we thought they were worth a mention as they have a very wide range of Christmas decorations and products that are all made out of glass onsite. They have a website and will ship worldwide. We especially love MacSnowman. He’ll be coming out every year with the rest of the decorations now.

Michael Phelps Swimming Goggles

These swimming goggles are a great present for any keen swimmers. Created by Michael Phelps they perform extremely well, while adding a little class to a swimming outfit.

Mantra Jewellery

We adore this Mantra jewellery and think it makes a great gift for a best friend. Each piece comes with a little motto, either inside the box or engraved on the piece itself.

Box of Favours

The Box of Favours is a quirky gift that will be appreciated by all who receive it. It allows the recipient to ask for cups of tea, household chores completing and many more everyday favours. Partners will earn brownie points by buying this before carrying out the favours. It’s the ideal present if you would like to gift something thoughtful that will keep on giving long after Christmas Day.

Mai Tui Handbag

The Mai Tui handbag is the handbag to be seen with this season. We love the cherry red shoulder bag and believe it rivals designs like Victoria Beckham. It’s roomy with lots of compartments for busy women or mums and it stands out as a classic piece, that’s understated but sophisticated.

Kodak Pixpro AZ422

The Kodak Pixpro is the best hobbiest camera we’ve found. It’s easy to use and won’t break the bank while producing high quality images every time. It would make a great gift for a teen or someone showing interest in photography. It also boasts a range of features and an impressive zoom, making it a cool gadget for anyone who likes to take photos.