I have two teens in the house and they’re not your ordinary teenagers. They won’t go out and get drunk, they don’t hang around on street corners, and they’re not really interested in the latest designer brands! My teens are geeks and proud, which is why I needed to create a gift guide that appealed to them while still throwing up ideas for the more typical teen.

Alongside Warhammer, Studio Ghibli merchandise and tech for their technology, I’ve found these and think all teens from 13-20 will love them.

Starting with Skincare…

Acclenz Blemish Solutions

I’m always waxing on to my daughter about how important skincare is. I cringe when she tries to use harsh products to tackle the occasional spots. They’re drying and not kind to skin. We’ve tested many skincare products for teens in our guide but this one is new, and we’re in love with it. It comes in a great gift pack which is ideal for wrapping, and the size of the bottles means your teen will have all they need for excellent skincare for a good few months.

Acclenz Blemish Solutions by Dr Nick Lowe An alternative to the harsh products that dry and damage skin, setting kids on the right path in regards to a good skincare routine

Acclenz skincare
Acclenz skincare

Recoil GPS Laser Combat

I love Recoil Laser Combat and so does my 18 year old son. He’s not very sporty but he does love gaming, so this is ideal for getting him moving. You connect a phone to enhance the shooter, and use GPS to track. His friends adore playing as there’s skill involved and it gets them out of the house!

Recoil Starter Set Review
Recoil Starter Set Review

Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox

The design of this lunchbox maybe a little young for some teens but don’t let that put you off as they come in a range of patterns and colours. A few year’s ago I bought some traditional Indian tyffyns for the children as I wanted them to enjoy a hot packed lunch at school. They felt a little silly carrying the genuine product as they did stand out and were quite bulky, while also being too hot to handle on the outside. This Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox is the perfect solution. It looks amazing, has a cool exterior, is roomy on the inside and keeps food piping hot. It’s made the teens guide instead of the children’s guide as my teens love filling it with noodles for college!

Roxi Music System

ROXI serves up an enticing mix of music entertainment in one fun and easy-to-use device. Unlike traditional music streaming, it enables friends and family to listen, sing and play together, powering the experience through the TV and the best speakers in the home. Music is constantly updated from every decade and genre. Even the more niche genres that you wouldn’t expect to hear – they are all wrapped up in a catalogue containing tens of millions of tracks. ROXI is the hi-tech party game perfect for Christmas

Iconic Bookchair from Thinking Gifts

This little book chair is a quirky gift for a teen who likes to Facetime. It will hold a phone or tablet securely and we’ve also found it’s great for holding hairbrushes too.

Silent Night Jumbo Cord Throw

My daughter is 14 and loves everything cosy. She spotted this jumbo cord throw from Silentnight as soon as it arrived and promptly stole it to use in her bedroom. I was hoping to have it as a throw in the grown up snug. It really is soft and a little weighty, which makes it exude quality. An ideal gift for anyone, not just teen girls!

Jam Hang Up Audio Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker Jam
bluetooth speaker Jam

This Jam hang up audio bluetooth speaker is a great stocking filler for any teen. The design is contemporary while it’s portable enough to take anywhere. It’s also resilient and easy to use, and can be hung from a door handle or coat hook. It’s convenient listening on the go.

Prima Twinkling 12 Makeup Palette

My 14 year old daughter has started experimenting with makeup. Fortunately she seems to have skipped the orange face, spider eyes look that I endured as a teen and is settling for more neutral palettes. She does love a little glitter when out with her friends and that’s why we love this palette. It’s highly pigmented and does sparkle with gusto, making it ideal for a festive look.

Prima Twinkling Makeup Palette
Prima Twinkling Makeup Palette

Little Bits Avengers Hero Kit

If your teen is a budding inventor, this is the ultimate kit for them. In fact adults would adore this too. It has everything needed to invent cool gadgets from scratch.

Little Bits Inventor Hero Kit
Little Bits Inventor Hero Kit

Jack Black Balm Squad Set

The Jack Black Lip Balm Sets are a staple stocking filler in our house for Christmas. They taste divine (when you lick your lips) and come in handy tubes that look great in the bathroom. They’re also ideal for boys, and my daughter’s male friends love using them.

Green People’s Organic Young Gift Set

Another skincare set, yet this one is a little different as it’s made with all natural ingredients. It’s soft and gentle while being a great set as a gift. We’re slowly falling in love with Green People.

Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy know a thing or two about headphones and they’re our go to brand whenever the teens have trouble and need a new pair. They also make excellent gifts for teenagers of friends. They always come in an eyecatching package that is pretty “cool” (rad/fleek/sick) for teens and they last a long time too.

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

For the teen just into makeup the Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara is ideal as it doesn’t give spider eyes like we mentioned early. It’s a great gift for anyone just venturing into makeup as it creates a natural look while being good for the eyelashes.

ON! Jupiter Bath Bombs with hidden surprise

We love these bath bombs as they come in great packages that are ideal for a stocking while having the benefit of a surprise inside!

Unlock – Escape Room Game

My teen son couldn’t wait to try out this game with his friends and a party of six enjoyed it immensely. It’s different to all other board games out there right now, and supports the current escape room trend. Ideal for teens but also adults.

Tabletop Gaming Manual

The tabletop gaming manual from Haynes is ideal for my son as he adores Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. It has bright, colourful photography and insider tips and hints. A great manual for any table top gamer.

Mini BMX from Skates.co.uk

The mini BMX from Skates.co.uk is a great gift for all ages. Even adults will want a go on this. My son is autistic and so he struggles with balance but he loved this mini BMX. Skates.co.uk have a wide range of wheely products from heelies to rollerskates and bikes. They’re well worth a look.

My Ballet Box

A subscription box with a difference that’s jam packed with luxurious products for the girl, or boy, who loves ballet. We love every product which is rare for a subscription service and would delight in giving this to a dancing teen!