Over the past six months we’ve been testing out some shampoos and conditioners, from those that cost a fortune to some, less obvious choices.

We’re now completely confident that we’ve found the best shampoos and conditioners for coloured and frizz prone hair. As we covered the price for our focus groups, you can be confident you’re buying the products based on results rather than cost.

These are the shampoos and conditioners we absolutely love and we think you’ll be surprised with some of the choices.

Percy and Reed

If you’ve not yet tried Percy and Reed products now is the time to start. These smell great and come in attractive French boudoir type bottles that look great on a bathroom shelf. They leave hair feeling fragrant and manageable, can we ask for anything else?

Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner
Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner


A pop of colour in the bathroom is always welcome but these do more than look pretty. Colourproof is a great brand for ensuring your coloured hair receives the nourishment it needs. It leaves hair feeling soft and natural which is a welcome relief after using colour chemicals. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

Tesco Organics

These have just been launched onto the shelves at Tesco and we’re impressed. The organic shamppos and conidtioners are luxurious, while generating a good lather, and keeping hair supersoft and clean. A budget option, we love these and think they’ll become a favourite for an everyday hair wash.

Waitrose Pure

At just £2 when on offer we were blown away with the results the Waitrose Pure range created. The Pure shampoo doesn’t make much of a lather but it does make hair squeaky clean. The Pure conditioner softens hair and leaves it silky smooth and frizz free. We’re in love!

AA skincare Shampoo Bars

These shouldn’t need a conditioner but it felt odd using without one. The shampoo bars are brilliant, very bubbly and easy to use. They smell divine and wash hair to a squeaky clean feel. We loved them best on short hair. They have the added bonus of being organic while they don’t leave soap scum on the side of the bath either.

Little Boo Boos Box of Bubbles from Love Boo

We adore Love Boo as their products are usually gorgeously scented, extra gentle and easy to use. This little box of bubbles (our name), the little Boo Boos box, is a great foray into the world of Love boo and their gorgeous products. The kind bathing products let you gently clean your little one, resulting in a happy, clean, child that has all their boo boos seen to. We love it. It makes a great gift too, and the products are effective enough to use on yourself while being gentle on skin. We know, as we tried them!

Natura Siberica

This is a relatively new brand that is expanding at a dizzying pace. Their products are of the highest quality and always do what they say on the tin. We’re impressed. We recommended these in our Christmas gifts guides but believe they have wonderful shampoos and conditioners you can use all year round too.

Leonor Greyl

These are wonderful shampoos and conditioners for fighting the hair’s signs of aging and for restoring nourishment.

Pantene but not as we know it!

Pantene are hitting the professional haircare industry hard with two new conditioning releases. The first is a foam, the second is deep conditioner that nourishes and bakes on the hair. We like them.

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature keep expanding their range, and rightly so. We love the chocolate shampoo and conditioner but also adore their men’s range, and, wait for it, the Dog Calming Shampoo. It really works while tackling frizz on long hair pooches. That’s why faith in Nature gets more than a mention today.

Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo Treatment

This pre shampoo treatment leaves hair soft and silky and nourished. We love it. The generously sized packets are enough for long hair and it feels gorgeous as you wait for it to be absorbed into the hair shaft. It really does make a difference to the regular shampoo and conditioner routine. We’re now addicted and use once once a week.