Many of us are parents of children going through puberty or approaching adulthood. As a parent of an 11 year old and 15 year old respectively, I found one thing missing from the beauty shelves when I went looking.

My 11 year old daughter is currently going through puberty, it’s early but that doesn’t allow me to stop it, unfortunately. I, obviously, in my role, invest heavily in skincare and explained the benefits of a regular skincare routine to my daughter. The only problem was, I couldn’t find the products I wanted to recommend. In my own teens I would use The Body Shop, their Pineapple facial wash and honey and oat scrub was enough to keep my skin glowing. These products are no longer available and so I looked further afield for a good substitute.

My 15 year old son, in comparison, passed through puberty a while ago and now shaves reguarly and experiences spot breakouts. He is also autistic so I’ve been keen to keep on top of his skincare as I know just how cruel kids can be should he suffer from acne.

If I thought finding products for girls was difficult, finding products for boys was impossible. Apart from spot clearing solutions the skincare promoted focused heavily on attracting women rather than healthy skin.

Thankfully, with a little more research, I did find worthy products that my teens have tested and love. Here’s the lowdown on the best skincare for teens and tweens on the market at the moment.

Best Skincare for Teens Winner

BRYT Skincare

This skincare range is incredible and exactly what I was looking for when I set out on this exploration. It understands the need to be gentle yet effective and it understands that some boys do take pride in their appearance. The shave oil was the perfect compromise for my son, as it wasn’t heavily perfumed but it did work incredibly well, while the nigh cream for girls is now a favourite on my daughter’s bedside table.

This range also allows teens to create their own bespoke regular skincare regime with the wealth of products on offer. It cuts down the stress on the skin for shaving for boys, while allowing girls to take control of their own complexion. It is the perfect introduction for both sexes and a clear winner.

BRYT For Him

From the packaging which draws you in with a positive vibe to the refined, refreshing aromas that instil a sense of wellbeing, the BRYT Skincare range helps to treat, conserve and preserve all skin types from youthful complexions through to mature skin in need of extra nourishment and protection against the ageing process.

BRYT Skincare advocates a simple 3-step process of Cleansing, Nourishing and Protecting to maintain an uncomplicated yet effective regime. It embraces skincare as part of a healthy lifestyle, along with the basics of exercising, getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water.

Aromatherapy meets Phytoscience in this breakthrough range, ideal for those who appreciate natural, yet high-tech skincare. The range utilises sophisticated botanical ingredients which are beneficial for all ages and penetrate deep into the lower epidermis to leave the skin feeling clean and super soft.

This premium quality, price sensitive British brand has been designed to simply and effectively treat and nourish the skin, whatever its needs and requirements. The products are hardworking, yet so gentle they can be used on the most sensitive, fragile complexions.

The range consists of eight products for Her and four for Him. Each features the innovative Advanced Phytoscience System (APS), which includes pure aloe vera, healing allantoin and rich ‘super antioxidants’ extracted from organic Australian wild-harvested plums Kakadu, Burdekin and Illawarra – these superfruits contain up to five times more antioxidant power than blueberries.

This power-packed formula helps detoxify, exfoliate and improve blemishes while toning and providing serious anti-ageing benefits that get to work immediately as soon as they are applied to the skin.

BRYT For Her

2nd Place

Yes to..

The Yes to range is great for teens as it uses the best organic ingredients from real fruit and vegetables. It’s quite quirky and teens love its honest approach. We loved the scents and also the extended range that incorporates shampoos and conditioners too. Great value for money.

3rd Place

Murad Blemish Clearing Solution

This worked on every eruption. It’s recommended to be used before moisturising every day. A great weapon in the fight against teenage acne.

Now in no particular order but still worth your pennies:


Although we wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday product Clearisil still corners the market for tackling breakouts and blackheads. Their products are as popular today as they were twenty years ago and teens know exactly what to reach for when they feel a breakout erupt.

Time Bomb Chlorophyll

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll- £24, available at, Selfridges and QVC


Always a handy tube to have in case of emergencies. Dries spots out like a pro!