We’ve been spending quite a lot of time seeking out the very best toys to review, from hunting down new releases from popular YouTubers like BabyTeeth4 and Trinity and Beyond, to searching for the latest toys on the market through our press connections.

We’re now confident that we’ve found the very best toys on the market at the moment, and as each one has been reviewed by Persephone, our resident 8 year old toy fanatic, we’re sure all of these toys will bring hours of fun and joy to any child under 12. For ideas for teens please do see our other gift guides.


From a planet far far away comes Rizmo, the evolving alien. The first toy to start out as a baby and to evolve into a fully grown toddler. Rizmo begins life as a soft fluffy ball and must be sang to, played with and stroked to evolve. There are 3 stages. I won’t ruin the fun, but I will say that Percy spent hours coaxing Rizmo to evolve, and when she finally did she became a firm favourite.

Rizmo review
Rizmo review


The Lumie is nothing short of magic. Place Lumie on a colour and she glows that colour. It’s amazing and offers hours of fun. She also chats and sings and brings great interactive elements that give her an adorable personality.Lumie Review


The Nestling is fascinating, it gives birth, after being treated well, to cute mini nestlings and has many interactive elements alongside its very own nest. Percy adored this and still plays with it.Nestling Review


Alongside their gigantic advent calendar that includes an entire house, Playmobil have also launched an ice castle that is perfect for those who will be gulping down everything resembling Frozen 2. Playmobil are really evolving lately, and their playsets are wonderfully inventive for those who love role play and using their imagination


Rescue Runt

Rescue Runts are heartwarming puppies that need some love care and attention to be at their very best. Children must remove the fleas, brush their coat and bandage their wounds, which promotes a caring attitude. We love them.Rescue Runt Review

Pomsie Mermaid

The Pomsie mermaid is a new take on the Pomsie, tapping into one of the biggest trends this year. Pomsies are wonderful furry friends to take on the go as they wrap around wrists and are full of conversation.

Blume Dolls

The Bloom dolls are the latest pocket treasures to hit the shelves and they are genius. Fill with the special soil and sprinkle water on the top and out the doll pops. There are many to collect along with ultra rare Bloom dolls.Blume doll review

Schleich Horse Cafe

This comes with everything you need to role play a cafe and stable, there’s even a place to tie up the horse outdoors, while guests can dine al fresco or within the cafe whilst feasting on cupcakes galore. We’ve had hours of fun playing with this set and looking forward to hours more.

So Soap DIY Factory

The So Soap DIY Factory is ideal for those who love to craft, with scents and accessories, this will keep the children entertained, and it’s clean!

Forever Sewing Pyjamas

What’s better than a new pair of fresh clean pyjamas? We love these embroidered personalised PJs from Forever sewing as there are sizes to fit all the family and they’re soft and cosy. They’re also a simple design which means that teens will love them just as much as smaller children will. This is one sure fire way to look smart at bedtime. 

The Little Green Sheep Teepee Play Tent

Leapfrog SmartSink

Last year Leapfrog sold out of the Ice Cream cart and it’s also a popular toy this year. It is amazing to play with. This year though we’re in love with the smart sink that teaches colours, numbers and makes fun of chores.

Nightmare Before Christmas Personalised Book

A gift to treasure presented in a beautiful gift box, this book can be personalised, making it a unique gift for lovers of Disney or Tim Burton. You can find yours at Gifts Hub.