By Martina Mercer

Is social networking for business important? Let’s face it, we are all a nation of “have it alls”, we want services to be quicker, more convenient and easy on the pocket too. As internet businesses begin to thrive and even the High Street shops sell more online, many are realising how this consumer “have it all” attitude effects their marketing strategies.

We Covet Convenience but Crave the Good Old Days

We do love ordering everything online, from a DVD, to a Pizza to a brand new sofa in which to enjoy them from, however as we want it all we also miss the good old days. Many of us crave for the time when as the shop bell rang a friendly assistant would discuss the weather and news before selling a product and it’s this that is separating booming businesses from those just ticking along online.

Some may argue that the rise in texting, instant messaging and social networking has killed the art of conversation however to ignore the nation’s favourite way to interact would be foolish for any business. Instead businesses need to embrace the change and see it as an ideal way to bring new customers into their brand, increasing the target audience and ultimately making more sales.

Can You Afford Not to Tweet?

Without a Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account a business online is practically invisible. You can climb the ranks in Google, you can advertise on the biggest websites, however if your customer can’t interact, they quite simply feel a little cheated. It’s amazing that now the majority of us use Facebook on a daily basis and although the initial motivation is to keep in contact with family and friends, businesses do catch our eye.

Take Walkers Crisps for example, a very well-known brand that adorns the snack cupboard of many households, yet still they promote themselves with a glittering page on Facebook knowing the more likes they obtain, the more people will buy their products. They have embraced the change and found new ways to interact with their customer base and they understand that just one like has the potential to reach millions.

Quite simply, business social networking brings customers into your brand. It makes them feel a part of your journey and does exactly what the little old shop assistant did in the old days. It makes them feel important and valued as a customer. In this tough economic climate where everyone watches the pennies, we do need to feel appreciated before we part with our hard earned cash!