It’s Blue Monday today but that doesn’t mean you have to be down. The Winter Happiness Festival is taking place at the Museum of Happiness and is welcoming you for just five pounds. It’s worth a look and a visit and who knows, you could find yourself beaming with happiness. Hurry, the festival is on for two weeks, but the Museum of Happiness is always open, see below.

Here’s a little more about it, we can’t wait to visit.

The 2-week festival (20 January – 4 February) is being hosted by the new Museum of Happiness, in Camden and it aims to inspire visitors into practicing techniques that can boost happiness in fun and playful ways. Tickets cost a wallet-friendly £5.

The programme includes insightful talks where world-renowned inspiring leaders share the secrets to happiness, with workshops such as Mindful Movement, Find Your Fabulous, Laughter Yoga and Ukulele lessons.

Among the exhibits, there will be an exciting ball pit with 30,000 pure white balls and the world’s first pop up ‘Guilt-Free Chocolate Café’. Organised by The Well-Bean Company, the space will offer organic, vegan and handmade products with natural ingredients. Proceeds go to supporting mental health organisations, such as My Mental Health.

The Winter Happiness Festival aims to encourage community, connection and play, while sharing the secrets of long-lasting happiness. However, there’s an even bigger issue at its heart. Although a new year brings hope, with it often comes anxiety – one of the biggest causes of mental distress and depression.

Museum of Happiness co-founder and best-selling author Shamash Alidina, explains: “Winter can be a particularly depressing time in London. We want to offer a space for people to meet with other friendly Londoners, learn tricks to a more positive outlook in life, savour the moment and have a bit of fun along the way. And who knows, you may just find yourself feeling a bit more upbeat too!”

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