Our Father’s Day Gift Guide is eagerly awaited each year as we bring you gifts that are not for any ordinary dad.

Today. we have some incredible luxury present ideas for the dad who has everything, along with a couple of budget options for children spending their own pocket money. Without further ado, let’s start with the best a man can get:


It takes just an hour to erect, it’s easy to care for, it’s affordable and it’s inflatable! What man wouldn’t want to return home for a soak in a hot tub after a hard day? This is a present the whole family can enjoy and it won’t cost the earth. We love the Miami Air Jet. It fits up to 4 people, has energy saving technology and is just £449. You also receive 10% off through the website, so this could be £400 and with a free starter pack worth £80 it’s actually a real bargain!


This is a SatNav with a difference. It can connect to your phone, to wifi, to blue tooth but that’s not the reason we love it. It’s clear and succinct, reliable and seems to know every single road in the UK, ones previous SatNavs believed were in the middle of a field. It remembers routes for easy planning and lets you name your frequent travels. It also has lane assist to help with the more trickier roundabouts. With free lifetime maps upgrade it really is the SatNav that does it all.

Tom Tom Go Premium
Tom Tom Go Premium


Connect to Alexa and your mobile phone with this dash cam that seems to do everything! It looks amazing and won’t drain your battery, we absolutely love it and are sure he will too. He’ll feel like the King of the road with this by his side as he drives!



We tested the NVIDIA Shield ATV and loved it. What’s different with this? Everything, and it still retains the incredible quality, capacity and speed we’ve come to know and love from Shield. It’s brilliant. It has a wonderful new design that’s super sexy and it can do a lot of things. I know you want to know more, so here it is:

Sporting a sleek, new design, the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the most powerful 4K smart TV platform ever built, providing the best, most complete entertainment experience in the living room. Explore thousands of apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Spotify, Kodi, and More. Plus, with integrated Chromecast support on SHIELD, you can cast other favourite apps like ITV, 4 and Channel 5 from Android, iOS, MAC, windows devices to your SHIELD TV.

SHIELD TV stands alone among media streamers, with the widest range of gaming capabilities and richest assortment of game content – it’s game library, GeForce NOW, is like Netflix for games!

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV retails at £189.99 and ships with both a remote and a game controller. We love it


This is the one stop serious coffee machine for men who love their morning brew. It creates bean to cup coffee by freshly grinding the beans before using them to create a steaming jug of hot delicious coffee.

It’s an ingenious machine that removes the need for many gadgets while saving on elbow greases too. Of course it fills the kitchen with the incredible aroma of freshly ground beans and brewed coffee, and is very easy to use. This is bound to become a staple of any modern kitchen. Available at Currys, AO, Amazon and many other independent stores nationwide. 


Even if your dad doesn’t go camping he’ll still love this Teg Stove. He can use it in the garden, the allotment, even on a layby when travelling. It’s no ordinary camping stove though, it’s the Daddy of all camping stoves and it’s also brought camping into the 21st century, as it includes tech that will blow your mind. It can even charge your smart phone. It looks amazing and is easy to use, and boils the kettle perfectly. This is a must for any dad, any traveller, any woman or man. We love it. It’s no wonder Peter Jones of Dragon’s Den invested in it. Here’s a little more information:

About Tegstove (www.tegology.com)

Tegstove is an intelligent portable gas stove like no other. Using sophisticated technology and clever design it stores energy in a smarter way, offers robust stability and high performance cooking while allowing you to charge mobile phones, tablets and GPS equipment. In one simple to use device, Tegstove uses a powerful Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to produce energy, which is stored in an internal battery and harnesses the power of safer and lighter butane gas, rather than using expensive mix gas solutions.

A Dragon’s Den sensation, serial entrepreneur and Dragon, Peter Jones has also invested in Tegstove following an impressive business pitch from founder and inventor Spencer Turner, in series 13 of the BBC prime time show. Tegstove can be purchased from many major retailers and online stockists. RRP: £150


This colour changing bulb that emits 60 watts is a true mark of the incredible technology we have today, especially in the internet of things sphere.

TP Link Bulb
TP Link Bulb


Let him keep an eye on his prized possessions with the Wi-FI wireless indoor security camera. We’ve tested this in the office and it’s easy to set up while providing a range of features. Access the camera from anywhere, and take advantage of the free storage. The wide action lens means a huge area can be covered while the 2 way audio is a lot of fun! We used it for keeping an eye on pets and the home but he can use it anywhere, from his workshop to his garage!


This is one of the best budget SatNav we’ve tried. Forget those sat navs where you feel as though your fingers are too fat to operate them (you know which ones I mean), forget squinting at the roadmap. This is clear, so easy to use and it looks amazing. We loved:

  • The Parking feature
  • The Clear display
  • The wide angled lens
  • The ease of use

We’ll never go back now and we know, even if he still insists on a paper map, Dad will love it too.


These are no ordinary scales, connect to a fitness tracker and your phone for impressive statistics all dads will love. These are sure to become the next big gadget that he just can’t get enough of. Whether he’s maintaining his weight or trying to lose it, these scales do it all. Give dad the gift of health with Terrailon.

The company recently launched its full set of connected wellbeing devices (see press release attached) which work together with the firm’s Wellness Coach application (which features recipes and fitness tips for weight loss). The company is currently running a promotion on Argos for Father’s Day right up to July 2017 on its Terraillon Web Coach Prime Fit Kit (which features the connected Web Coach Prime scale and an activity tracker). The kit retails at £99.99


This sounds crazy, it’s really not. We tried it on the school run and it gets you from A to B so much quicker and it’s a lot of fun. We love ours and think it makes a great present for dad. You know you’ve had a go on a child’s in the past, admit it. This is so much better as it’s designed to take an adult weight, so it’s sturdier and, it may be our imagination, but faster too. We absolutely love it and know Dad will also.

There are a lot of options and colours to choose from so you can make the gift really personal. He won’t be able to resist a ride on the newest craze for adults.

Find them at Micro Scooters and don’t accept cheap substitutes. These are the real deal.


This is action and adventure in a box which is great for the dad who has everything as he can choose from a range of activities. At just £49.99 it’s a great option, while giving dad the choice between a helicopter ride, scuba diving, a bungee jump and iFLY experience or an off road adventure. This is about creating memories and this is one gift he’ll never forget.


Just look at this. It looks amazing and connects to your phone giving you a completely immersive experience on the move. Dad will spend hours lost in foreign worlds as you introduce him to high quality virtual reality.

Merge VR turns your smartphone into an immersive virtual reality headset, without the hassle or hang ups of other VR headsets. Made of a comfortable, soft material, the headset is a safe and fun experience for children, teenagers and adults alike. Dual input buttons enable you to explore, travel and experience digital content like never before, while access to the vrstart.com website gives you endless hours of free VR experiences. Not only that, Merge VR is also compatible with all recent iOS and Android smartphones. Find it at Game.


There are a lot of multitools on the market but this is the best we’ve tried. Why? It’s strong, sturdy and it seems to be indestructible. It’s a multitool that keeps on giving with the vast array of attachments that can work their way through anything with ease. Even if Dad has enough tools in his shed, he’ll still love this smaller addition, as this is a gift that keeps on giving, every single day, for years.

Here are some specs:

• 12 Tools: Needlenose pliers (spring loaded), ‘V-Cut’ wire cutters, scissors, fine blade, serrated, saw, Phillips screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener and lanyard ring
• Spring loaded pliers
• Open frame design
• Patented saf.T.Plus

Don’t skimp on a multitool that breaks when he uses it, choose one that really works, again and again and again.


For the Father that loves a beer this all inclusive beer making kit is a dream. Watch as he gets to work with it straight away, as he won’t want to wait another minute to craft his own beer, his way.


A delicious rum that warms the cockles and looks amazing too. Only available in Asda right now, this is one he’ll want to hold on to!

Ableforth's Rumbullion
Ableforth’s Rumbullion


We recently came across a personalised toiletry supplier that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s not just the personalisation (although having our own name on a body lotion is a bonus), it’s the smells and the quality of the product. Button and Wilde offer personalised shower gels and more for discerning dads, for those dads who understand the importance of good skincare. Check them out. You will want to pinch these for yourself, they also come gloriously packaged and are heavenly to smell.

The citrus notes of the men’s toiletries took us to a faraway beach with white sand and blue seas. He won’t be disappointed. You can even add a photo of you and your dad so he thinks of you every time he washes his hands!


If you haven’t the budget for Button and Wilde (they are worth every penny), Lynx have some exotic scents out right now and seem to be going into the direction of skincare rather than just smellies.


With his new toiletries, he needs a new washbag and we love this one from Psyche. It’s affordable, plain and simple while being a generous size. It has a place to hold keyrings so it can be personalised. What more does he need from a washbag?


For extras to fit in the wash bag you can’t go far wrong with Wilkinson Sword. There are some brilliant razors and accessories right now, that really do offer a superior shaving experience. Every dad needs blades, they can never have enough, so when you choose a razor, choose the latest from the Wilkinson Sword range. We tested them, and they’re more than good enough.


With hints of cedar wood and sandalwood you’ll want to pinch these toiletries for yourself. They smell divine and look great on a shelf. We’re impressed with the extensive Korres for men range.


Choose a photo and insert it easily into the box to make this popular dessert collection personalised for dad this Father’s Day.

Lily O'Briens Chocolates
Lily O’Briens Chocolates