We’ve taken our time conducting the Simba mattress review and I’m glad we have. Since receiving the Simba mattress, we’ve endured the usual family sleeping struggles all grown ups experience, allowing me to give you a balanced view on the suitability and usability of the Simba.

I’ve had sleepless nights, I’ve shared the bed with children, I’ve spent days in bed suffering from the flu and I’ve endured the occasional hot sweats. I’ve slept in the bed on an unseasonable hot humid night, and again on an October chilly evening. In short, in the few months since the delivery of the Simba Mattress, I’ve tested all its claims and put it through its paces. Is it worth it?

Simba claim that this will be the only mattress you ever need. They claim it supports while making use of memory foam technology, they claim it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, does it?

simba mattress review
simba mattress review

The mattress arrived in a box and the delivery driver removed the old mattress which was a thankful bonus. He helped to take the mattress upstairs and offered to help with the unpacking. The delivery driver scores 10/10 and if we were in America, he would have probably gotten a big tip.

The mattress seemed thin when placing it on the bed but it didn’t stay that way. Within a couple of hours it had bounced to full size and it was a lovely, clean, uniform addition to the four poster. It felt soft to the touch and I couldn’t wait to try it out properly but we decided to give it a little longer.

The children tried to bounce on it, I joined in. The Simba is not a mattress for bouncing, especially if it’s laid on slats. I would not recommend using it for this purpose.

The first thing I noticed, when bedding down for the night was the height. I needed a step to get into bed, but then I am rather short. The second thing I noticed, which you will too, was how firm it was. As a mattress with memory foam I really didn’t expect it to be so firm. I’ve always had mattresses that are too soft. They’ve been so soft that they’ve offered no support whatsoever. For me, the Simba felt extremely hard but others may consider it to be of medium firmness. It’s worth noting, that over time, it’s softened, and moulded to my body shape giving the right amount of support needed for all my major internal organs.

The first morning after a night on the Simba was a miracle. I suffer from chronic pain due to a spinal injury. I awoke absolutely pain free. I nearly jumped out of bed. I was absolutely convinced that the Simba had cured me. I was over the moon, all I’d ever needed was a new mattress. This feeling lasted three days until the pain returned, and I realised I’d coincidentally enjoyed a few good days. However, the Simba DID alleviate some aches and pains, aches and pains that I’d put down to old age. The creaking sides and the stiff hips were all eliminated after a sleep on the Simba. I was in love and I still am to this day.

It really does adjust the temperature to ensure you don’t overheat (a problem with many memory foam mattresses) and it gives incredible support without sagging. The children love it too, and they are usually fans of the softer mattress, so it shows just how malleable it is, and how my intial concerns over firmness were unfounded.

All in all it’s part of the family now and I will never go back. The Simba has seen me through flu and sleepless nights and it’s risen to every challenge. I do believe that every person over 30 should own a Simba as a staple to the household contents as a good mattress, a great mattress, is seriously underrated. It can’t make you money, and it can’t solve your problems but it can change your life!