Wow, toy companies have been working hard over the past year and we’ve found some of the best toys for children aged 4-14 to bring you excellent ideas for gifting. Our gift guide brings you the most unique suggestions with original, honest reviews from real children who have played with and tested all of the toys featured.

This guide is being updated as you read as we’re constantly finding new toys to add, so please do come back and check again. We just couldn’t wait to share!

Education is so important right now, I could go on a rant about how practical skills need to be taught in schools, and how schools need to completely adapt their learning but I won’t! Instead I’ll show you what you can do at home. For instance, take a look at ARTIE.

Artie Max from Learning Resources

Artie Max (TM) from Learning Resources (a brand that helped us a lot over lockdown as they sent fun educational toys for Persephone to use at home, such as a pond exploring kit and binoculars) is a coding robot that draws! Combining two fabulous learning features in one, but more than that, Artie helps children learn up to five coding languages through creative pursuits. They’ll hardly know they’re learning as he’s so much fun. RRP is £110 and he’s available to buy on Amazon.

Artie Max Review

Geo Journey Subscription

I think subscriptions are an amazing way to give a gift that keeps on giving. Every month the recipient is reminded of how much you care as they receive another gift through the post. One of the best we’ve seen for kids this year is the Geo Journey subscription. As we can’t travel easily right now it’s a great way for children to learn about our planet. Find yours at Needi

Need Geo Journey Subscription

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

Learning is so important right now and I know I have a battle with my daughter’s school as they have a teacher that believes textbooks and shouting is the way to make children learn. It’s not. This is. Fun games, incredible quality, combining digital and physical elements to truly engage. This is a beautiful starter kit, not just for learning at home but also for play. We love it. Which is why it has won our Best New Brand award.

Tacto Chess

This is a great way to introduce your child to chess, a game that keeps on giving as it teaches so much, from strategy to thinking ahead, fair gameplay and more. Bring your child’s tablet alive and play along as they enjoy the new, upgraded way to play.

Confident Board Game

This is a board game that anyone can play and no skill is needed so it’s ideal for all ages. It’s also very easy to set up with very simple rules, so there’s no squabbling over what’s fair! You are asked a question and guess the amount or range, meaning anyone can guess and take part. The answers may surprise you too!

Na! Na! Surprise

We love Na! Na! Surprise and have ever since we bought our first two years ago. The whole process of opening the doll is fun and the dolls are such good quality too. They have great bodies that aren’t unrealistically tall or skinny and have wonderful outfits too. This is our favourite this season and you can find her in Smyths.

Prezzo Gift Card

Lots of my family are just buying vouchers for nieces, nephews and grandchildren this year as they don’t want to risk their health out shopping. This is one of the best gift cards we’ve seen as it can be exchanged at countless stores online and in the flesh. It would be impossible for any child not to find a store they like with this gift card, and it’s so bright and cheerful too. A very easy way to give them exactly what they want this year and also a great way to give them some cash for the sales too.

Baa Baby Sheepskin Rug

I wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in the gift guide for women, as both children and adults will adore this rug. I cannot describe just how soft it is, how fluffy, how sumptuous, it is absolutely divine. I finally decided on the children’s guide as I imagined little feet landing on this on winter morning, as they step out of bed to begin an exciting day. It may seem like overkill, but I believe it’s the perfect way to say, “I love you, I care, I bring you comfort and luxury.” It’s meant for babies, and I can see why, as babies will love the feel of this on their skin, however any child, of any age, will love this in their bedroom.