LONDON, DECEMBER 2016: LIFE of the modern woman can feel like an endless race; always problem-solving ahead of time, looking after partners, relatives and children whilst juggling careers, businesses, finances and friendships. Not to mention the pressure of looking good too. It’s not surprising that women everywhere are experiencing more stress, anxiety, burnout and sleepless nights.

The inspirational two day Women’s Wellbeing Conference is returning to London on the 11th and 12th February 2017, designed to provide a ‘mental vacation’ and leave women feeling inspired, empowered and more in control of their own wellbeing. Outside stresses often can’t be helped, so the event will explore how day-to-day wellbeing can be improved with a simple understanding of how the mind works and the choice we have about which thoughts and worries we engage with as they happen. This year the conference’s theme is ‘resilience’ and bouncing back – highly relevant when considering the turbulent year 2016 has been for many.

Early bird tickets for the weekend conference at The Columbia Hotel go on sale today for £175pp or £165pp when bought as a pair. The spectacular event line-up features speakers from across the globe, including Cathy Casey – a clinical psychologist who has succeeded in helping inmates at prisons around the world feel happier and more mentally resilient to their surroundings. The speaker sessions are interspersed with time to digest, discuss and mingle with other like-minded women, or take advantage of partners such as Neal’s Yard and MyBeautyMatches, which will be providing free pampering and goodies.

Anya Layfield, co-founder of the Women’s Wellbeing Conference, said: “Our speakers will be sharing an understanding that has been transformative for women from all walks of life – from workaholic CEOs and female gang members imprisoned in some of the world’s toughest jails, to ambitious athletes and struggling parents. A huge 95% of our guests last year said they left feeling uplifted, inspired and positive about their future and we can’t wait to bring this experience to even more women in 2017. It really is amazing what a small shift in the way we interact with the world can do to help women create a happier, more successful and rewarding life.”

Anya Layfield and Jacquie Moses set up the Women’s Wellbeing Conference in 2016 with the vision of empowering as many women as possible – be they mothers or businesswomen – to achieve better peace of mind, clarity and emotional wellbeing.

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