Apologies for the distasteful headline but the whole world has awoken to rather an unpleasant smell this morning, a cruel four year hangover that’s the result of cult like psychology and crowd manipulation.

Donald Trump told the crowds what they wanted to hear, he changed his tune in real time according to the reactions he received at his rallies, and although, we, at home could see this duplicity clearly, those who were converted were blinded by this brilliant marketing technique.

All we can hope now is, he puts a clear plan in place with proper strategies and sticks to his promises. We need to hope he doesn’t change his mind when he sees his popularity figures wane or his public look on him with disdain. America cannot afford a President who changes policies alongside mood swings and unless, President Trump changes his whole personality this is exactly what they’re getting.

This is NOT another Brexit!

I voted Brexit for reasons I’ve reiterated many times and this is nothing like it. I see how it could be compared, a country voting for Leave, a country deciding to stand alone, but voting Trump is not the same as voting to leave the EU.

I’m a little sick of the comparisons. We voted to have our country governed by our own parliament instead of following a standard set of rules to suit tens of cultures, rules that did not apply to us. Those shouting about how Brexit has affected trade and industry already, need to look at the EU, as we haven’t even left yet. Any negativity in the government, any progressions the remainers aren’t happy with, are a result of being part of the EU, not out of it. Why can’t people see that?

Voting Trump is an action myself, as a brexit voter, can’t understand. I can forgive the locker room talk, we know he’s egotistical, we know he feels entitled, this really wasn’ surprising. I can forgive rating women out of ten, afterall, on the same scale, a man with a small penis, a toupe and slack mouth would only be rated a 1 anyhow.

What I can’t forgive is the change, the blatant lies, the way he simply convinces himself that he’s telling the truth regardless of the video evidence proving otherwise. It’s sociopathic behaviour and gaslighting of the highest order and I can’t help thinking that every single Trump voter has been gaslighted to a victory for him but a failure for America