As September hit the first thing I did was create myself a Pinterest board for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Because let’s be honest, while the summer has been far more than we ever could have hoped for, we can’t wait to truly show-off our fashion credentials with a little layering.

Yes, summer is always fun while it lasts, but along with the bugs, the humid evenings, and the constant battle of finding clothes that won’t make you look like a Copacabana reject; it can all feel like a lot of effort.

While autumn and winter can come along with their own trials and tribulations, I’m a big fan of putting clothes on rather than taking them off, so curse me if you must, but I’m quite happy to go back to rainy days and grey skies.

But, and this is a pretty big ‘but’, if there’s one thing that has set me on edge while happily attempting to pin away my future wardrobe, it’s the realisation that winter clothes are boring.

I look around the high-street shop windows and feel no desire to purchase a thing.

In fact, with every black and maroon ensemble that darkens their doors, I can barely tell them apart.

Admittedly I’m somewhat of a colour addict, but why do we always have to resort to such bland and boring colours as soon as the leaves turn brown?

One item on my board is a baby blue leather jacket that I simply cannot wait to purchase, but when I proclaimed this to my fellow colleagues the resounding response was – “but that’s a spring colour”.

Well to hell with seasonal colours, I want to embrace colour 365 days a year, not just when it’s suitable to the season.

While the fashion world may be in a frenzy over the trends we’ll be wearing next year; my focus is firmly on finding items that aren’t going to make me feel as grey and gloomy as the weather.

And I can confirm it’s more difficult than I predicted.

Not only does it appear that all the brands have decided to take on dark enough colour palette to rival a horror movie, but when I finally find the vibrant gems to bring my wardrobe to life, they have limited stock or advise that they’ll soon be heading out the door.

So it’s official, the treasure hunt for colourful clothing is on, and I’m making it my mission to abolish the seasonal shackles that are holding me back from having a wardrobe that is fun and frivolous.

If you’re willing to join me on my rainbow wagon into winter, I can highly recommend the following brands;




All others are unfortunately letting the team down.

Renew your wardrobe with a splash of colour for the autumn/winter season and you might just be surprised at how fabulous you feel, even on those long cold days.