We’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses here at Sunday Woman Magazine and we thought we’d seen them all. However, when one came on to the market promising a memory foam unlike any other, we had to give it a try. The Sleep Sanctuary Elite Gel Memory Pocket 3000 Mattress aims to be better than general memory foam. This is because it combines two technologies, pockets and memory foam to maximise air flow thus keeping temperatures low. Many memory foam mattresses receive bad press due to the stifling heat they produce. This Sleep Sanctuary mattress has solved this problem with the composition of the mattress which keeps it ultra cool. It really does do what it claims and puts an end to night time sweats.

The support is ideal as unlike other memory foam mattresses this one springs back, making sure every part of the body is supported no matter how often you twist and turn in your sleep. The cool gel technology offers a lighter, more mouldable support and it’s thanks to this that the mattress feels cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It’s quite clever!

We’ve tested it for over six months now and are very impressed. It still springs back to life every morning when we step out of bed. Alongside this, it also offers the best support for whoever shares the bed, from a 6 foot 3 middle aged male to a 6 year old child, all proclaim it to be the comfiest mattress they’ve tried.

We did think that this mattress would sport indents after a month, we expected it to flatten or distort, yet it’s proved us wrong. It has to be one of the best we’ve tried and for that we reward it with our reviewed and approved Top Product badge.

Time 4 Sleep offer more than just mattresses, and we’ll be exploring them more. For now, we can happily recommend this Sleep Sanctuary mattress as it really does offer the best of support.

It’s also easy to move as it comes rolled, and expands once released from the packaging. You won’t go wrong with a Sleep Sanctuary mattress.