Ok, we’ll admit it, some people in our office smoke. We know how bad it is we know how dangerous it is and we’re constantly trying to give up (not me, the royal we).

We’ve watched these people try no end of solutions, we’ve even endured thier moods. We’ve seen them on the first day when they’re all proactive and feeling healthy and we’ve seen them on the third when reality has set in.

Giving up smoking is not easy- FACT.

It is however, not impossible. Double FACT.

We’ve tried the patches, we’ve joined the gym, we’ve even taken up knitting but nothing seemed to replace that draw that seemed to relive stress and make everything ok with the world. Now if we could experience this sensation, this happy, relaxing puff without all of the bad stuff would we give up? Hell yes!

So we fell for it. We saw all the stands in the garages with their cheap electronic cigarettes. We were even sent some to test. They were ok, they tasted odd and didn’t feel right in our hands (you couldn’t have sneaky puff with one of these they make you stick out like a sore thumb) but always we’d revert to the real thing.

Then we met ePuffer. A US brand that’s just launched in the UK. They sent us a shed load to try and we’re literally fighting over our fix in the office. This is because as well as looking small, discreet and sexy (you watch the complaints roll in now I’ve labelled smoking as sexy) they’re also exactly like the real thing. You don’t feel like you’re compromising.

When I asked the founder why this was his answer was simple, he said, “instead of investing money in advertising and marketing we’ve concentrated on product development to deliver the ultimate smoking experience. I’ve lost close family members to smoking related cancers and really wanted to make sure I didn’t lose any more. I’m pleased to say that everyone in my family has given up smoking now, including me”.

Well ePuffer, here’s a bit of free advertising from us as we think you deserve our award for product of the month.

Well done guys!