Body scrubs are an excellent way to exfoliate and to remove dead skin cells, while leaving you feeling fragrant and refreshed, however I’ve found lately that some actually dry the skin, zapping all moisture and leaving skin feeling dehydrated and coarse. This is why I went on a mission to discover the top ten body scrubs for dry skin, body scrubs that leave you feeling moisturised and replenished, that leave skin smooth and soft, and allow you to enjoy the spa experience at home. It hasn’t been an easy task, I’ve tried over fifty different body scrubs from TempleSpa to Morrison’s own brand, Sanctuary Spa to Calcott Manor, body scrubs ranging from £1.99 to £85 per pot and it has taken over six months to compile the list. There’s some you may not have heard of.

Please feel confident that if you’re choosing a body scrub from this list, you’re choosing one which will leave you feeling and smelling amazing.


This Detoxifying body scrub has been on my radar for many years, ever since it came in small packages in a box. I was hoping (no offence ESPA) that I would find one to knock it off my top spot, and I nearly did, (see no.2) but I find myself still choosing this one over any other due to the scent and the feel. It’s a beautiful oily body scrub that melts on the skin. I love to apply it before a bath, then step into the hot water and let the oils melt into the water, which then delivers a supreme bathing experience that gives you aromatherapy along with completely softening the skin and leaving you feeling thoroughly pampered, even at home. In the shower it’s even better as the steam makes the crystals melt into the skin as you scrub, and body lotion isn’t needed afterwards. I’m not being paid to say this, this isn’t a sponsored post. I’ve just found out they do an exfoliating scrub and a relaxing salt scrub too, so keep your eyes peeled for reviews of these.

I first discovered the detoxifying scrub at a spa in a hotel many years ago and haven’t looked back since although some have come close such as…

Charlotte Rhys

The only thing stopping the Charlotte Rhys scrub from being in the top spot is the scent. It’s delicious and fragrant but just not quite as lovely as ESPA. I do think their Oud scent may give ESPA a run for its money, however I’m yet to try it, as I couldn’t try all of the scrubs in the range. The Charlotte Rhys body scrub is a lot like ESPA in that it is silky and oily, leaving skin thoroughly hydrated and soft. It’s now my in between scrub that I use when I run out of the above and it was very very close to winning the top spot in the top ten body scrubs. It actually did win top product in our beauty gift guide last year!


This frangipani body scrub is luscious and leaves skin soft, however it misses the top spot as if the tiniest bit of water seeps in it becomes a pool of mush. That’s probably my fault for using it in the shower, but it was disappointing to lose half a jar. It looks good on a shelf though and smells divine, leaving you feeling thoroughly pampered.


Olverum first came to my attention a few years ago with their bath oil. They sent me the tiniest sample of bath oil and I thought it wouldn’t be able to enhance my bathing experience. How wrong I was. Just a few drops into a hot steamy bath and I had one of the best pampering hours in my life. Something about the scent, the way the oil disperses into the water and the way it left my skin feeling made me fall in love with it. This is why I was so excited to try the body scrub. The body scrub is lovely and it does leave skin soft, it’s definitely a luxury body scrub and would make an ideal gift, however I was expecting it to be immersed in the oil Olverum is so famous for. It’s not. It’s much like TempleSpa’s body scrub. Creamy but not oily. I think if it was oily, it would have won first place. As it is, it’s a great in between body scrub for a quick refreshing shower.


The lemon scented Tropic dry body scrub is so uplifting that there’s no way I could have excluded it from this list. It’s a great pre shower body scrub as you apply it onto dry skin before stepping into the shower or bath. I usually like to apply my body scrub last, so the scent lingers, but this is great for a morning pick me up. Looking forward to trying new products of theirs and as they’re younger than the rest they win our Best New Brand award!


The TempleSpa brand came to my attention just a few months ago when reviewing Lincombe Hotel and Spa in Torquay. A beautiful hotel to visit with the very best spa experience second only to Foxhills Country Hotel. The products were used on me during a full body massage and I bought the scrub to bring home. It isn’t laden with essential oils but it is a lovely deep exfoliating scrub that leaves skin smelling fantastic so it deserves its place as no.6.

Nathalie Bond

The Nathalie Bond scrub comes in a small pot, and is quite unassuming. It is an uplifting scrub though that packs a powerful invigorating punch. It also has a great story so I do urge you to check it out. I loved the Peppermint and Eucalyptus scrub. It leaves you feeling tingly fresh.


The Odylique body scrub dissolves very easily and leaves you feeling relaxed and pampered. The scent is subtle and it’s ideal for an everyday gentle exfoliation.


I loved the Trilogy scrub from Holland and Barrett. It is a lot like the TempleSpa scrub only it’s a third of the price. The scent didn’t blow me away but the coarse nature of the scrub left me feeling thoroughly exfoliated.


This body polish from KEYS is great for a shower as it’s space saving tube allows it to be stored on a rack effortlessly. It’s a great scrub to take on holiday as it will fit nicely into a suitcase and it leaves a soft aroma as it exfoliates.

Nuasan Body Wipes

I know this isn’t a scrub but while we’re chatting about baths and showers these definitely deserve a huge mention. Nuasan have an entire range of shower gels and body lotions but it’s their body wipes that have truly impressed me. These individually wrapped wipes are game changers. If you haven’t time for a shower but want to feel squeaky clean and refreshed just use one of these and you’ll feel like you stepped out of a clean tropical rainstorm. They’re ideal for a midday pick me up at work as they really do refresh the whole body and face. They also clean deeply, leaving you feeling incredible from top to toe. They’re a generous size so you can wash your entire body and they smell divine, just don’t use them on your eyes!