We’ve been testing quite a few scented candles, reed diffusers and fragrance oils of late and have now decided on our Top Ten luxury home fragrances.

None of these fragrances are cheap but they are worth every penny, due to the quality and the delicious scents.

Jules B Dr Vranjes Fuoco

You won’t find a better, more sophisticated reed diffuser than this one. Not only does it fill a room with rich, decadent perfumy notes, it also looks amazing on top of a piano, mantlepiece or shelf. The undulated glass is reminiscent of a Victorian age, while the classic font makes it stand out with obvious quality. We love it. Find yours at Jules B.

Northumbrian Candleworks

A small family company make these gorgeous candles from natural soy. You won’t be disappointed.

Potter’s Crouch Candles

We’ll admit we haven’t used all of these but there’s a good reason for that. We started with the Frankincense, blue with glitter that crackles as it burns, it was a divine scent.

We expected it to last just a few hours so imagine our surprise when we used it over several days. The incredible fragrance and the beauty of the candle as it burned prompted us to save the others for the holidays.

In fact we nearly gave one away to a client and then decided against it, it seems the Potter’s Crouch candles bring out the selfish side of us.

They do make a wonderful gift but we suggest you buy these for yourself. Worth every penny we’re so glad we gave these a try!


Orla Kiely Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers

The design alone left us reluctant to light these candles as we didn’t want to ruin the appearance. We’re glad we finally picked up the courage though as the unique fresh garden scents are absolutely delicious.

Emma Bridgewater Scented Candles

It’s the presentation of these we love in miniature Emma Bridgewater handpainted Espresso cups, we do love dual functionality!

The Country Candle


These last a long time and fill the room with a delicious smell in an instant. We will be back for more.

Voya Reed Diffusers

Voya know how to make a room smell fresh and inviting, they seem to capture the vibrancy of the ocean in every product they launch. Their reed diffusers are no different.

Massage Candles

Ok these are massage candles but they still smell incredibly divine, it’s the best of both worlds, soft skin and a delicious scent. Did someone say Valentines?


Aroma Holidays

These take us all over the world, from the buttery musky cheesecake smell of New York to the tart’s boudoir in Paris. We love them as they do take us back to our favourite places!

AromaSingle X5lowres

Febreeze Scented Candles

Yes, you read it right. Febreeze know they have stiff competition in the scented candle arena yet still they compete, and compete well. Forget about the low price tag and pretend you’re buying real luxury as with your eyes closed you really won’t be able to tell the difference.

Florence Anne Fragrances

The range includes a variety of botanical fragrances from Blackcurrant and Fig, to Grapefruit and Lime, the affordable fragrances come in a candle, Body Butter, reed diffuser and individual eau de toilette’s. With the fragrances starting at just £10, this luxurious range is premium, but without the price tag. Our favourite is the Florence Anne Fragrance Grapefruit & Lime Scented Candle available at Boots for just £12