We’ve been taking a close look at the top ten skincare gift sets and we’ve found some glorious ones that really do make us feel thoroughly indulged. On top of this they also deliver excellent results, whether that’s refreshing dull complexions, eradicating/ smoothing wrinkles or deep cleansing troublesome pores.

We have something for all budgets, but we must admit we did find that if you are willing to spend just a little bit more you will get what you pay for.

Without a doubt our No.1 Winner – The Best Skincare Gift Set is…

1. Urban Retreat Gift Set


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2. MyChelle – Hey Beautiful Gift Set


T he Hello Beautiful gift set has everything you need in miniature, from a fruit enzyme spritz to a weekly exfoliator. It has a serum, wash and moisturiser making it ideal as a travelling companion and of course, with the name, it’s a great gift to give someone a compliment. It smells absolutely divine and is certainly one we’d love in our stocking. You can find yours here

3. Radiance Trio Gift Set

This trio is small but very powerful and allows you to recreate the spa experience at home. It has a great five minute mask that really penetrates to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowing. It tingles when you use it which is actually reassuring that it works and alongside the moisturiser and face wash we really do feel radiant.

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4. Stratum C Skincare Gift Set for Menopausal Women

The Stratum C range is the first we’ve seen that is specially formulated for menopausal women. As we lose collagen after the menopause along with declining repair cells, this is ideal. With vitamin C it gives skin the boost it needs, tackling the cells immunity giving it a boost from within. It feels amazing and tightens and lifts while keeping skin healthy. A must for any mum, grandmother or even for yourself. Keep an eye on these as we think they are going to be big!


5. Creme de la Mer Sculpting Gift Set

If you haven’t tried Creme de la Mer you really are missing out, this incredible gift set is not cheap but well worth every penny.

swcreme de la mer

6. Skincare Vampire Collagen 4 Step Set, Derma Roller

An excellent set that allows you to use a dermaroller at home. Making it affordable and controllable. We all want one of these in the office and really had to fight over who got to try it first.

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7.Cloud Nine Skincare Set

Cloud Nine are notable because they offer a range of skin solutions from scar minimising to varicose veins and cellulite. Simply pacakged they are a real treat for those problem areas.

8. Cyrine Aromatherapie London Bespoke Skincare


This is a gorgeous gift that should be put in our personalised section but we thought it may be swallowed whole there. The creators make you organic creams based on your answers to their questions and add your name to the pot! A lovely gift for someone special.

9.  Time Bomb Collagen Bomb and Youth JuiceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Collagen Bomb

We love Time Bomb skincare products and so do our mums. These are absolutely perfect as a gift and will be very well received, we guarantee it.

Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil, £38 (60ml) – available at timebombco.com, Selfridges and QVC

·         Youth Juice is a revolutionary combination of oils (olive, kukui, avocado and jojoba) formulated to mimic the skin’s natural sebum that is lost with age

·         with a natural lipid complex, this ultra-fine, non-greasy blend not only quenches thirsty, ageing skin, but also creates a moisture barrier that helps to reduce the appearance of lines and crevices

·         rich in Vitamins E and C, Youth Juice helps plump skin and creates an all-over, youthful glow

Time Bomb Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel, £39 (30ml) – available at timebombco.com, Selfridges and QVC

·         “detonates” on contact to visibly smooth re-densify and tighten skin

·         highly charged with micro-collagen, pervasive moisture and a barrage of broad spectrum antioxidant

·         contains dermis supporting Pycnogenol© found to maintain skins structure by binding to and reinforcing collagen and elastin, in addition to inhibiting natural collagen disintegration


10. Proactiv+ Gift Set

We tested this range and were absolutely delighted. It really does minimise pores and makes light work of troubled complexions. Mum will love it this Mother’s Day