Emma Mills, the Bioglan Superfood ambassador is a mindfulness expert whose latest mindful eating course RELISH, teaches her clients how to eat more mindfully; assessing cycles of overeating and old habits. She also shares tips on how to boost your mood.

With International Happiness Day taking place last Sunday, Emma Mills shares her meditation tips on how to boost your mood and be more mindful in everyday life:
Decide to have a quiet time each day, whatever form that takes.
Decide to be mindful more often, throughout the day.
Practice mindful walking on the way to work.
Try few minutes of quiet time before you eat your evening meal, saying a thank you for example.
Tips on how to practice visualisation:

Use your imagination to experience certain ideas and imagery that are perhaps not happening in reality (yet)! You can experiment with seeing yourself as successful in whatever venture it is you are keen to enjoy. Whether that’s making your diet more healthy, running more, or getting the job you want, the key to achieving happiness is to see yourself as being successful in the future in your goals and know yourself as successful now.
1. Go into your basic meditation pose – make sure you’re sitting comfortably and are relaxed.

2. Take a few nice calming breaths

3. Bring your attention right to where you are and acknowledge what is happening in the here and now

4. Once you feel present, let your imagination run free and see yourself doing the things you would love to be doing, and feeling the way you would love to feel

5. Play the scene out in your imagination several times; you can even add in some made up conversations you will have with friends, which imply you’ve been successful in your endeavours.

6. Bring your day dream to a close and bring your attention back to the here and now

7. Take a few moments for calm, mindful breathing before you bring your meditation to a close

Do you have any tips for happiness? Whether it’s eating cake or having a chat with a long distance friend, we’d love to hear them!