The official 2015 Top Toys guides and lists haven’t yet been released however we’ve been doing some investigative work of our own. Here we have some of the gift ideas for boys that we are hearing a lot about on the grapevine. These haven’t (yet) been pegged as being in the Top Toys for Boys lists as yet however we suspect a few mind find their way there, or should!

Minecraft for Dummies

If you have a boy at home with access to the Xbox, a PC, tablet etc then the chances are you’ll know all about Minecraft. You’ll know what we mean when we talk about Creepers, the nether and Steve. You might be a little tired of hearing about Minecraft to be fair however you can’t deny how utterly clever this building game is.
We expect the Minecraft for Dummies book to be flying off the shelves this year as children look to expand their techniques and parents work to fathom out the lingo.


Nerf Guns

Kids love to roll, to jump, to hunt and to pelt other children and household items with the special foam darts that come with their guns, cross bow-like weapons and more. Think of these nerf Guns as more tag with foam projectiles than anything as full on as Call of Duty action. This range offers a wide number of options, all varying in price and size which will have your kids running around and enjoying some good old-fashioned exercise.



This is no ordinary bulb. Coming in a number of colours the MiPow Playbulb is a Bluetooth Smart LED speak light. The Playbulb always older boys to control their light and their music easily from their mobile phone, earning this gift a five start “cool” rating. It works with the majority of devices which have Bluetooth wireless capability and A2DP. For the music fan who likes quirky stuff we can see this gift idea being a very popular one. The whole thing is control via the MiPow app which may be downloaded from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (for Android).


The Leapfrog Leapband

Kids will just love this latest release from leapfrog, the makers of all things gadgetry, educational and fun. Boys may look their interactive pets using the LeapBand which is worn like a watch, earning points and more by undertaking activities their pets ask them to including running, jumping and more. This is the toy that merges digital fun with physical fun and we expect both kids and parents alike to be grabbing them off the shelf. The LeapBand also works in sync with other LeapFrog devices so points and levels accrued may be transferred to unlock new content.


The Articulate Board Game

Game nights are back in vogue with the kids and we think boys will love this fabulous game.  This game is described as being a fast talking description game and is for anything from four to twenty players. We might have tried the game out in the office (during our lunch break of course) and ended up helpless with laughter, real side-splitting stuff. This game is an absolute must this Christmas.

LEGO Agents Mission HQ 70165

Anyone who has watched (and loved) the hit series Marvel Agents of Shield will take one look at this fabulous Lego set and possibly buy it on the spot purely so that they can “help” build and play with it themselves. Lego really have outdone themselves this time, with this sci-fi / fantasy Lego combo.

Terabyte, the villain of the day is a top (and most evil) cybernetic hacker and is plotting to attack the Ultra Agents, bringing down Aster City’s valuable communication grid. The five mini-figure agents included in this rather awesome 1060 piece construction set must ward off Terabyte’s monstrous plan and protect themselves and the city. The Ultra Agent Mission HQ looks to the innocent eye like your everyday truck however it opens up to reveal that it is anything but, including labs, a robotic arm, a jet pack, computers and much more.

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping gift for the Lego fan in your life this Christmas you may well have just found it.

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