As always we love finding new products, ones that are a break from the norm along with old traditional favourites.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for us to put our product testing hats on and to find the best gifts for you, your partner or anyone who deserves a little love at Valentines.

Here are the top Valentine’s gifts that stood out for us this year.

(The list is updated daily until the big day so keep checking back)

1. Kenwood Pop Art Kitchen Appliances

Of course, a kitchen appliance may not be the first gift that springs to mind at valentine’s but these really are something special. The Mix kettle is so cute and when in the red design it does add some 50’s glamour and romance to a kitchen. The blender is ideal for mixing those cocktails to serve to your lover as they sit at a candlelit table. Mojito followed by an Irish Coffee anyone? If you’re going to romance your date at your place, treat yourselves to these.

Editor’s Note: I was watching “Before I go to sleep” with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman last week and spotted the Mix kettle on their kitchen counter in cream.

2. Worx Multitool

They call him Bond, James Bond, licence to use 6 drill bits at a time. Now on the face of it giving your partner a power tool may not seem very romantic but if she, or he, is into DIY just watch how their face lights up with this one. It has a drill bit chamber that’s a lot like a Colt Smith and Wesson gun chamber, allowing you to change the attachment with a spin (once you take the safety off!). This allowed one girl in our office to claim a LOT of brownie points and now she’s looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s weekend away, on him of course. (He’s also, finally, put those shelves up!)

2a. Worx Sonicrafter

The Worx Sonicrafter is the ideal gift for the man who has everything. It even comes with its own portable toolbox. Although we’re pitching this as a gift for men, it’s ideal for any crafter in your life as it has a variety of features that make any upcycling project a doddle.

3. Ark Loving Bath and Body Oil

We love this oil as it really does entice the senses and men seem to love the scent as much as women. Use it in massage or go a step further and buy the same set in a reed diffuser for the bedroom.


4. Red Room Sensual Bath Salts

These sensual bath salts from nuusuite have been inspired by 50 shades of Grey which is about to hit the cinemas. They really do add a frisson of excitement to bath time, turning the water ruby red while filling the bathroom with steam that seems to be a natural aphrodisiac. They’re also quite cheap which is odd considering the 100% essential oils used in each hand-picked blend.

some red hearts with salt

5. Something Saucy with 50 Shades of Grey

Staying on the 50 Shades of Grey theme, these kits are ideal for a gentle introduction to S and M and are bound to add a sensual or amusing touch to Valentine’s night. All available on there are three sets in the range

6. The Hungry Caterpillar

One of the most romantic gifts a man can give to a woman is an open ear. Being a good listener is great but there are extra brownie points if you take this information and use it to buy a gift. Women tend to do this for men, men not so much.  It’s quirky, it’s fun and you could give a gift that lasts a lifetime.

For instance, if your spouse loved playing Sonic the Hedgehog as a teen why not treat them to an old sega and the game? Give them a free hour to collect those rings.

Or you could simply buy them their favourite children’s books. Our favourites, along with the super cute soft teddies out with them right now are Paddington (the film is also fabulous) and The Hungry Caterpillar.

Large VH Caterpillar (2).jpg plush

7. Super Sexy Sunglasses from Miau Jim

Soon we’ll all be wearing our shades, using them as part of our hairstyle or to cover the excesses of a great night out. Sunglasses are not usually on a person’s Christmas list but they should be considered for Valentine’s. You can really treat your other half with some designer sunglasses, and they’ll thank you on the 15th of Feb as they recover from your incredible date in the freak February sunshine.



Traditional Gifts

There’s something to be said for flowers and chocolates, they aren’t dead yet. We still love receiving them on Valentines. This year though we’ve been on the lookout for something a little more special and we’ve found it.

Men – Listen Up

The Best Roses You Will Ever Buy Her

These roses are incredible. Those slim bunches of twelve red will always look cheap and tacky from now on as these full, lustrious, plump heads are elegant, sophisticated and decadent. Quite simply, they’re jaw dropping and up until now, we’ve not found any similar except when grown by hand by our local rose grower champion gardeners. They also last for weeks, while the petals are incredible to use in the bath once they start to wilt.

If you do buy roses this year, buy these. You and she will not be disappointed. This is one to keep in mind for Mother’s Day too as the presentation box is delightful! We’re quite smitten.

These are available to buy in Harrods or to order from Roses Only London.

roses only

Chocolate – Give Us MORE!

Our favourite, traditional chocolate is Ferrero Rocher. We love the chocs, we love the people and we love hazelnuts. This year though our favourite is the huge Ferrero Rocher as it looks pretty, feels divine and promises a real treat inside. Ferrero have also brought out new flavours that are well worth a taste, from cherry to almond to coconut, these are not for sharing.


On the same theme, we were quite delighted with the LINDOR Strawberries and Cream, quite sexy, quite tasty, quite moreish and a perfect gift for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.


Treat Yourself

Valentine’s gives us the perfect excuse for a pamper, to treat ourselves to some new cosmetics and fragrances. There are some newly launched products that we think will help you to look and smell amazing on that big date.

Ted Baker’s Sweet Treat

A gorgeously feminine fragrance that is perfect for romance. Just flowery enough to be distinctly girly while having a sensual depth that reminds those around of the vixen you’re hiding for when you get him or her home.

Artistry Incredible Eyes Palette

The colours in this palette are divine and bring a new dimension to the smokey eye look. That’s because each hue brings out the best of eyes that are green, brown or blue. Choose the midnight violet for green eyes and watch as your eyes pop. Pair with neutral lipstick to ensure he can’t keep his eyes off you all night.

Sheer Cover Magic Compact!

sheer cover sheer1

This compact really is one to save in your hand bag for bad skin days as it offers complete, natural colour while letting skin breathe.

Lashes by InVogue


Not all false lashes are worthy, some can actually make you look worse while being so fiddly you wondered why you bothered in the first place! These, by Tanya Burr are not those type of lashes. They’re easy to apply and look fantastic. It takes seconds and there’s such a variety you can have different eyes every day of the week!