We took a hundred nights to construct our Tweak mattress review. We’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses and think we’re quite the experts on what makes a good mattress.

There are many flooding the market now, and we’ve reviewed all the mattresses that are happy to put their product to the test. This includes Hyde and Sleep, Simba, Leesa and Tweak.

On the surface it seems as though the Tweak mattress is another similar to the products flooding the market but it isn’t. It has an incredible USP. Tweak mattress is for couples. It allows you to adapt each side to suit the taste and sleeping preferences of the individual. For example, if you prefer soft mattresses and your partner prefers a firm mattress, you can choose this at the point of ordering, you can even choose which side is which.

That’s not all. The firm side can be delivered as an insert, so if you change your mind, and would prefer medium support instead, you simply remove the insert. It’s genius.

The Tweak mattress offered the best sleep yet due to this incredible USP. Both sleep testers were happy with the amount of support, and enjoyed their own sleep preferences while still sharing a bed. As we age, and as sharing a bed becomes more difficult, due to common aches and pains, or even chronic illness, the mattress choice can make a world of difference. I believe that Tweak Mattresses will actually bring couples together. There’s no longer a need to buy two singles and to push them together. There’s no longer a need for one person to sacrifice comfort, as the Tweak mattress solves a range of problems, while being supportive, breathable and divine to sleep on. Quite simply, it’s one of our favourites.

You would expect the price to be higher, due to this incredible feature but it’s actually inline with the others on the market. After 100 nights, there was no sagging, no unpleasant surprises and the Tweak mattress is still providing an excellent night’s sleep for our testers.

We love it and we’re sure you will too.

Here’s some more info from the manufacturers on what you can expect when ordering a Tweak mattress:

TweakMattress.co.uk – Product Profile

The British-made Tweak mattress consists of the following components;

  • 1,800 individually wrapped pocket sprung base: for resilience and bounce
  • 40mm pressure relieving Viscoool foam layer: A deep, temperature-regulating layer of support
  • Customisable half-and-half reflex foam layer: An adjustable layer of support, depending on your level of comfort needs. Available in soft, medium or firm
  • Natural, organic cotton cover: this can be unzipped, removed and washed, or changed altogether if required, offering optimum levels of cleanliness
  • All Tweak mattresses have been rigorously roller tested and are fully compliant, passing flammability and durability testing
  • Manufactured in the UK, Tweak carries the National Bed Federation (NBF) approved logo which is awarded to manufacturers following a stringent independent assessment. The NBF logo is an assurance mark to protect the consumer, demonstrating products are manufactured in a clean, safe and honest way
  • Tweak offers free delivery within 10 working days. Tweak mattresses aren’t ‘boxed’ like many online retailers, so customers can use their bespoke mattress right away
  • Tweak has a 100-night guarantee – this allows customers to change, or ‘tweak’ their support layer in the mattress if needed, and is delivered within 48 working hours, ensuring the level of comfort is right for them
  • All Tweak mattresses have a 10-year warranty, further strengthening Tweak’s commitment to ensuring customers have a quality night’s sleep
  • Tweak is a bespoke sleeping solution, which allows you to change your mattress comfort at any time to suit changing lifestyles. This cements Tweak’s ‘no compromise on comfort’ message for customers