With all the hype surrounding robotic vaccuums we decided to take one of the best on the market for a spin. The Vorwerk Kobold VR200 vaccuum was our unit of choice. This nifty unit has a range of fabulous features that promise to make light work of the hoovering. It has its own APP so you can operate it remotely, the vacuum returns to its own docking station for charging and it connects to wifi, to become a smart appliance.

What did we think?

At first we encountered a few problems but it’s worth noting that these hiccups would occur with ANY robotic vacuum. These obstacles are not in any way related to the model itself.

We found that if you are going to introduce a robotic vacuum into your home, for any reason, you need to make sure that:

  • The floors under your sofas and beds are clean and clear of objects
  • There are no loose strands on carpets anywhere
  • You don’t have a pet pug that likes to ride the appliances

Once we’d cleaned under the sofas and beds, we formed a bond with our Vowerk. It was a pleasure to set the vacuum to work in a room, only to return ten minutes later to find it all done. We were amazed by how close to the edges it got, and were pleased to see track marks in the carpet that were testiment to the suction power. In fact, the Vowerk became part of every day life, especially when we set it to follow the toddler.

It’s ideal for cleaning the home while you’re out, but quiet enough to work around. It will pick up on obstacles in the way, such as walls, dogs and people. At first it seemed to have quite a few alerts, but this was easily solved once we both adjusted to living together, and now it cleans fabulously on a daily basis, ensuring stray crumbs are picked up in minutes.

When we asked our youngest daughter what she thought of the Vowerk Kobold Robotic Vacuum she decided it needed a face, so she drew one. She was careful not to cover the screen display.

We didn’t use the remote control on the Vowerk, as there seemed no need to. A touch of a button starts it off and when it runs out of charge it returns to the charging dock. The only intervention needed is to empty the cylinder or to remove stuck objects (dog’s chew sticks, lego).

In summary, the Vorwerk is the best robotic vacuum we’ve tested and we believe it offers a superior hands off clean. We wouldn’t be without it now and we understand what all the fuss is about.