Should I be careful what I say now, now that the orange guinea pig has won his race to power, now that he’s become the victor in his own warped version of the US Celebrity Apprentice, except this time, he becomes the next US President? Should I watch my mouth? Probably.

The difference is, we’re a non profit magazine. Believe it or not, we make no money from this, and so our news is just for you, we can’t be paid off. So, for now, we will continue to report the news as we see it and share opinions straight off the cuff.

The Reason I Voted Brexit

My latest rant involves Brexit again. I’m one of those hated people who actually voted Brexit. I had my reasons and you can read why here. On those list of reasons not once did I mention immigration. I voted Brexit because I wanted our country to return to independence, to fish our seas, to export more than we import, to be governed by rules that are completely bespoke to the UK and not tens of other countries.Brexit1

I’d love to see Liverpool thriving, not through the City of Culture investment but through it’s own efforts as the docks become a hive of activity, trade and commerce again. Something that stopped when the fishing laws put most of those trawlers out of business.

I want to see investment in our own NHS, as the last time I called for an ambulance there weren’t any left, and it’s getting worse. My daughter was critical and I was told, “I’m sorry we’ve no ambulances, you’ll have to hold.” Luckily, she was fine but it could have been so much worse. Before you scold me, I did my research. I didn’t just read the media drivel and I’m not a Daily Mail subscriber. I looked at our country now, and before joining the EU, and I compared them both. I compared the budgets, the money, the investments, the laws, the communities, the people, the cities, I compared and I saw something better.

I also compared small business, and this was my greatest driver of all.

So when someone compares Brexit to voting for Trump I don’t see the comparison. I don’t understand how the two can be uttered within the same sentence?

Trump will probably single me out and label me a 1 out of 10 and call me a fat feminist pig because I’m about to share my opinion.

Forgive me for this, I’ll probably get into trouble, Trump will probably single me out and label me a 1 out of 10 and call me a fat feminist pig because I’m about to share my opinion.

The only similarity I see is that Trump is followed by a bunch of racists and coincidentally, some racists voted for Brexit. That’s it.

The fact that Trump shouted at his rallies, “We’ll have our own American Brexit,” shows just how much he needs to learn about UK politics, or politics at all for that matter.

Yes, a certain demographic voted for the two but still, the actual referendum and the Presidential election could not be further apart.

A vote for Brexit, in my eyes, was a vote to be free from the EU limitations and constraints. A vote for Trump is a vote for anything but.donald-trump-for-president

Donald Trump Has Skills But He’s No President

The whole Presidential election has been a huge joke. Donald Trump obviously has skills, he’s a marketer I’d love on my team. He’s a powerful speaker and motivator, and he can be seen as a good businessman (or at least a shrewd tax dodger). He’s NOT presidential material.

He reminds me of my ex husband, who sported every modern label with pride, a toxic person, a narcissist, a manipulator, an abuser, a gas lighter, a train wreck. He’d spout this locker room talk and tell me it was “boys being boys”, it took my second husband to show me what respect to women looked like.

He’d proudly boast about his addiction to porn as if it was some achievement and he’d happily rate women out of ten while seeing them all as sex objects. The most common similarity I see, is that it was never his problem, it was never his fault, it was always that of someone else.

He could lie too, my could he lie. Wow, he’d make me think I was crazy for doubting him. In fact, I do think, somewhere along the line, that he started to believe his own lies and would make up a new memory in his head.

I called him out so many times but he would swear on the children’s lives, and become aggressive because I’d question him. In the end, I gathered proof, and even with it in my hand, he still proceeded to gaslight me, and told me I’d created it myself. That’s Trump.

I thought he was a good liar, and face to face he is, but a liar needs to remember every little detail for people like me. People like me also need proof, and I’m sure it’s being collected as we speak.

A Prediction About the Presidency

I’m making a prediction.

Trump won’t become President. I can’t see it, but then I couldn’t see him winning the election. I seriously believe he didn’t want to win, or if he did he was doing a Katie Hopkins. Do you remember when she got to the final of the BBC Apprentice only to reveal that she had no intention of taking the job and moving to London? This is Trump, he’s currently going through the motions, waiting for something to happen (that won’t be his fault) so he can bow out gracefully.

He wants to play golf and visit Playboy Mansion, he doesn’t want to be up until 3am having a security briefing.

He’s not committed and he certainly isn’t ready to spend 24/7 being the President. He wants to play golf and visit Playboy Mansion, he doesn’t want to be up until 3am having a security briefing. He probably hates the Whitehouse decor and loathes the people who must be around at all times. Trump thinks he can juggle the job of President and his life when he couldn’t handle being a working mum for five minutes.

He’s not Presidential material and it’s a wonder he’s come this far. He’s manipulated crowds and read facial expressions to spout what the people want, to motivate people into voting and to win the Presidential election.

His promises already fall flat and no doubt they’ll continue to fall off the radar the closer to January we become. How can anyone have faith in a future President Trump when even he has no idea what kind of President he will be?

He hasn’t made his mind up, and that’s a dangerous thing.


If you ever wondered if this was all a dream, take a look at yesterday’s news, where President trump took time out to meet with Kanye? This is the Kanye who’s been off the radar since the suspicious robbery in Paris. The Kanye who’s supposed to be critically ill in a hospital bed with psychosis. This is the Kanye who’s not taken seriously by anyone, but shares a common interest with trump – he loves a Twitter rant. Is this what America’s become? What on earth is happening?

In summary, no, voting for Brexit is nothing like voting for Trump. We voted for independence, Trump voters voted for anything but.

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