There’s a new discount voucher site on the block that promises to save customers pounds, and not just with purchases in the UK. This site is one of the best kept secrets on the net right now as it’s newly launched meaning that their exclusive codes and discounts are up for grabs.

It won’t be long before they start receiving hits though as The Sun has already championed them as a savvy way to save and many people are popping by the site before making any purchase, which is saving them pounds.

All you have to do is visit , you can browse or search for discounts of your choice. It’s completely free to use, and has a plethora of offers on your favourite brands.

Voucher Code Shopping is the New Normal

Almost everyone visits a voucher code site now before making an online purchase. Even the richest people see no reason to pay more for a product if there’s an easy way to achieve money off. Voucher codes are used by many brands to encourage new customers to shop while increasing the average basket value for existing customers. It’s a win win.

How Do Voucher Code Sites Make Money?

Voucher code sites usually work with the brands with an affiliate scheme, so if you continue to purchase through the code offered by the voucher site, this link is then tracked and the voucher site receives a commission on your purchase. In addition to this, some voucher code sites work even closer with the brands and receive exclusive voucher codes and discounts for their visitors.

How Much Can I Save?

If you have a big purchase in mind, such as a TV or electrical appliance you could save hundreds of pounds with a good voucher code site. Smaller savings are not to be scoffed at either, as you can save from 5% to 50% on any purchase. Take a look, browse the site, and choose your code. They’re a great way to save if you already have the intention to buy.