The police have issued a statement to say that speculation is tormenting the family so this post may seem a little insensitive, however, we want to look at Nicola Bulley’s disappearance in a different way. We want to remove all the morbidity, the insinuations, the accusations, and explore some reasons for Nicola’s disappearance that could result in a positive outcome.

The positive outcome being, Nicola either returns home alive or makes contact to say she’s absolutely fine.

There’s no doubt others will have speculated as to the fate of Nicola Bulley and possibly scrutinised Nicola’s family as they play amateur detective, however we would like to believe there is little foul play involved and the family are all completely innocent.

How Can You Help Nicola’s Family?

It may feel like the whole world already knows about Nicola’s story as it has been shared by every news outlet and social media platform across the globe but don’t stop sharing. People will be returning from holiday, from hospital, from places they didn’t have access to UK news and as the days mount up the news tends to fade. The best way we can help Nicola’s family, and Nicola, is by keeping her in the news, sharing her story, her images and hopefully jogging someone’s memory or alerting them to a situation where they may not have realised they were a witness.

How Many People Go Missing Every Year?

In the UK a person is reported missing every 2 minutes. Over 350,000 people were reported missing in the UK last year (2022). That’s a lot of missing person cases opened and a lot of work for the police.

Why Is Nicola Bulley’s Case Receiving So Much Attention?

The missing person statistics may make you wonder why Nicola’s case is dominating the news. Surely if so many people go missing she is just another needle in a haystack, another statistic. What makes Nicola so special? Well, of those 350,000 open cases 80% are closed within 24 hours. Many are worried parents who are scared when their children are late from school. Many are worried relatives who can’t get hold of a loved one. Some are missing people who just want a little space and cut communication not realising the chaos they’re causing until found by the police. Some do take a sinister or tragic turn but for the sake of this positive article we won’t dwell on those.

98% of missing person cases are solved within a year.

Nicola has caught the attention of the press as on the surface her case looks like one of those that should be solved within 24 hours yet it is still wide open. There is only a ten minute window in which she could have gone missing and it seems as though no preparation was made for her to flee willingly. In addition to this there are circumstances surrounding her disappearance that have ignited the private detective in every member of the public. The active Google meet, the dry dog without a harness (wouldn’t the dog have followed her if off the lead), the bench holding a charged, active phone. Her routine was carried out to a tee, from the school run to the dog walk and it’s this routine that makes many of us connect with Nicola as a person, despite never meeting her.

98% of missing person cases are solved within a year.

Many of us are constantly juggling work and life, pets and children. A lot of us drop the kids off before giving the dog a walk while multitasking with a meeting, answering emails, tending to social media. In short, Nicola could have been anyone of us, and until the mystery is solved, people will be scared wondering if they’re next.

Reasons Why Nicola Bulley is Alive and Well

The police don’t want people to speculate as many minds turn to morbidity. We’ve all watched the true crime documentaries on Netflix and we’re all capable of conjuring horrific thoughts and scenarios. However, it would be incredibly rare for Nicola to be taken by somebody, in broad daylight, with witnesses, with no evidence left behind. The chances that Nicola was abducted are close to zero, especially by an opportunistic kidnapper and so it is highly unlikely that Nicola is in the hands of a depraved individual wishing to cause her harm. Highly unlikely.

Suspicion has obviously turned to her husband too but he must have a very strong alibi or the police would be following this line of enquiry. He could have possibly logged on to the Google meet as a red herring but he couldn’t change his gender for the dog walk or the school run. Leave him be.

The river became a focal point for a time and seemed the only explanation but if you have dogs you’ll know that there’s no way Nicola’s spaniel would stay dry as she lost her balance and fell in the river. The dog would be the first to get wet to save its owner and would she really leave her phone on a bench if she’d spotted something near the river she wanted to take a better look at? No, it’s not the river.

That leaves just a few positive possibilities. Possibilities that mean Nicola is alive and well.

Disappearance Circumstances with Positive Outcomes

There are a few ways in which Nicola could have disappeared without a trace. Of course, no reason is going to be 100% positive, she’s still missing, her children still need her and her husband misses her but finding her alive would be the best possible outcome for all involved, regardless of the circumstances.

Memory Loss

There is a condition called transient global amnesia that needs no trauma to occur. It’s true that the sudden shock of cold water can trigger it but generally it comes on without warning and can last a while. Sufferers have an inability to form new memories while also forgetting their recent past. Nicola could have suffered an episode, forgot she was walking the dog and in a Google meet and taken herself somewhere completely unaware that the whole world was looking for her.


Nicola may have simply runaway. This would probably have followed some mental anguish so isn’t 100% positive however it could mean that she’s in hiding, alive and well. Sometimes the pressure of life simply becomes too much and we feel like a failure asking for help, fleeing from the responsibilities seems the only option. If you have run away Nicola, there is absolutely nothing that would prevent your family from loving you and welcoming you with open arms and hearts on your return. Nothing.


This may be as unlikely as being abducted in pure daylight but there’s still a possibility that she could have had a small accident and then been taken somewhere remote to be taken care of. There are still people in the UK who live so remote that they don’t use the internet or even have a TV.

Speculations will continue until Nicola is found. Please do share her photo and last location so her face is seen by every single person in the UK. Someone must have seen her or know of her whereabouts.

Here’s hoping she comes home safe very soon and thoughts go out to the family.