It’s amazing just how many willy washers there are out there, and how many women are dealing with this problem. On the surface it may not seem like a big deal however if you know someone who has to put up with this behaviour you’ll know just what an effect it can have on a sex life.

The Definition of a Willy Washer

A willy washer is a man (or a woman) that washes immediately after sex. Of course we all like to be clean and fresh however a willy washer will find it difficult to revel in post coital glow before they excuse themselves to the bathroom to rid themselves of shared fluids.

The reason this has such a profound effect on sex lives as partners feel as if this is a reflection on them. As the washer can’t bear to be covered in sexual shared fluids it leave the partner feeling dirty and unloved as if their own bodily fluids of arousal are considered to be pure filth (not in the good way).

A Good Sexual Relationship Needs Little Cleansing

Whether you’re madly in love or friends with benefits, the sex between you will only be relaxed, enjoyable and earth shattering if you can fully let go of your inhibitions and know that your wetness turns your man on. The majority of men become hard just thinking about their woman becoming wet for them, as it signifies their complete arousal. A good session involves the sharing of fluids no matter how sticky this becomes. This is all part of the fun and when two are completely turned on this only adds to the arousal.

Willy washers miss out on all of this, as they leave to clean soon after. This leaves their lovers feeling dejected, rejected and also reluctant to completely let go the next time they have sex. It can have devastating effects as a woman becomes scared of truly letting go, thinking that her willy washing partner will be disgusted, whilst male partners will try to control ejaculation not participating in the fun of cumming over the face, the breasts or anywhere else on the body.

True Intimacy Requires Filth

To be truly intimate with your partner and to open yourself up to possibilities you need to share the fluids that naturally occur. Some people go further as they show their need for sharing through golden showers or oral rainbow sex. It is an essential part of a great sexual partnership, but as this is an infliction which is hard to control (much like OCD) it needs gentle handling.

Try to Go Half Way

If you do have a willy washer, try to explain how it makes you feel. They are probably totally unaware, actually thinking they are showing respect by keeping themselves clean for you. This sometimes can be all it takes to allow them to relax too. However, some have the habit more deeply ingrained.

It often stems from childhood, an overzealous parent that insisted on hand washing at every turn, or maybe from early sexual experiences where a disease was caught or a partner turned up their nose due to the scent of stale sex.

Bathing before together can help, and for a truly good time, sex in the bath can take care of all problems at once, yet this isn’t always practical. Try keeping wet wipes next to the bed, and offer to clean them after, maintaining the intimacy whilst knowing they don’t have to leave you alone to enjoy your post orgasmic glow.

You can always promise to shower afterwards together, try meeting half way, ask them to wait five minutes, building up to ten, knowing that cleansing is not far away.

If you can make yourself part of the cleaning regime and incorporate into your love making you may find the ideal solution. It doesn’t hurt though to point out exactly what they’re missing, by telling them how turned on you find the juice of their arousal!