If you’re self employed you could claim a tax rebate using a brilliant service we’ve come across when researching tax refunds for our readers.

One of the most popular questions we were asked was,

Do I Receive My Tax Rebate Automatically or Do I Need to Ring the HMRC for My Tax Refund?

The answer is quite simple. Although, on the self assessment form, there is a place to fill in your bank details should you be entitled to a tax refund, in most cases, you do still need to ring the HMRC. We know, this can be daunting.

In spring, the phones at the HMRC ring off the hook. A lot of people have questions about their tax returns and you can be left on hold for quite some time. There is a solution though and you don’t have to hire another PA, or pay your PA’s hourly rate to do it for you. Just let Tax Rebate Services claim the refund. It takes seconds. All you have to do is find out how much you’re owed using their online calculator.

Then you simply get in touch, online or over the phone, pass your details over and wait for your windfall to roll in. It’s that simple.

Tax Rebate Services don’t charge unless they secure you a tax rebate. As it’s money you will not be expecting, you won’t miss the small fee they take. They help thousands of self employed people claim tax back on uniforms, travel, moving abroad and PAYE. You could be the next one to benefit from a tax refund.

We hope we’ve answered this question, as for the second most popular question we have about tax,

How Much is My Tax Refund Worth or What Tax Rebate Am I Entitled To?

You need to visit Tax Rebate Services to use their calculators and find the answer.