I’m sick of posts that tell us how we shouldn’t be using Facebook or Twitter. Those articles that let us know how annoying we are because we dare to post a selfie or discuss a personal opinion online. Although they occasionally make my familiarity bones tingle more often than not I’m left with a bitter taste as I wonder when it became ok to judge people in this way.

Who has the right to tell us the way we should communicate with family and friends on our personal Facebook accounts? No one.

That’s why I’m breaking the mould and taking a different view. What you should be proud of doing on your Facebook account, along with the reasons why you should!

  1. Brag Away

We’re scolded for bragging about our achievements on Facebook but why shouldn’t we be proud of ourselves or our friends? Why shouldn’t we be able to tell the world how proud we are without being labelled as annoying, hate inducing or envy baiting? Although bragging on a daily basis is tiresome, when our children receive a good grade, we get a promotion or a friend gets a break, we should be able to shout it from the rooftops without worrying about other’s opinions.

  1. Take that Selfie

We’ve all heard of how taking selfies is vain and self-indulgent but please. Since I found the reverse camera option, I’ve been in absolute heaven. I no longer have to worry about others taking a headshot that hides my double chin and my wrinkles as I can do it myself with a selfie. It also makes me feel good, even if it looks unlike me but it gives me confidence and the novelty will not be wearing off anytime soon.

The only time I find this behaviour annoying on Facebook is when there’s selfie after selfie of a gorgeous woman along with tags such as “I hate this one, I look awful”. Then I kick myself and remind myself not to be so jealous and judgemental. Job done.

  1. Post that Gym Shot

Most people condemn those who post gym selfies as annoying, some even go as far as to say they won’t have them on their newsfeed. Of course, if you always post gym shots and nothing else, it can be a little boring but to me, it just makes me think you’re proud of your progress and so you should be. If I got off my lazy backside and finally lost the pounds I should do, I’d be shouting about it too. Leave the gym goers alone.

  1. Share those Baby Pictures

Many bloggers complain about friends on their newsfeed that share endless photos of their children and babies. I see nothing wrong with this. In fact, I find it quite egotistical that the bloggers think their opinions count. I share photos of my children all the time and actively encourage my family and friends to do the same. I want to see the pictures! Living so far away from many of my family, this is a great way to watch them grow (of course, not as great as in person). I’m also asked for pictures by grandmas, aunties and uncles, I certainly don’t share them just to pee off an uptight blogger.

It can also become a diary and is great to look back on when the children are older.


  1. Have that Opinion

Many annoyed bloggers berate those who share an opinion on Facebook. Seriously, I like to see them. They often give me food for thought and make me realise others share the same views. Even if they don’t, it still helps to broaden my mind and gives me an insight into the human psych. These bloggers say no one cares about our opinions. They’re wrong. Our family and friends do, the people we support with our opinions do and we do. That’s quite a list!

  1. Write a Full Length Personal Blog

While I’m at it, I’m quite fond of the personal blog on Facebook too, it gives me something to read over my morning coffee!

  1. Tell Us What You Had for Breakfast

Another group of people that tend to get a verbal battering are those that share every detail. I don’t mind this although I don’t do it myself. It’s amazing that the same bloggers who berate these will think nothing of watching reality shows, to me, it’s the same entertainment. I love it. Maybe I’m in the minority but if you’re my friend on Facebook, post away.

Three Things I Hate About You!

I couldn’t finish this post without revealing a couple of Facebook habits that get my goat, sorry. (I’ll get my coat!)

There are just a few things that do annoy me on Facebook and will see me unfollowing a feed or deleting. These are:

  1. Constant Game Requests

A notification excites me. It shows someone has interacted with me. Then I find it’s a game request and I feel used and empty. You just want me for my potential virtual farming ability.

  1. Open Ended Statements.

I won’t delete but I will eye roll at statuses that are posted just to get a complement or reaction. Like the selfie I mentioned earlier. Ones such as “Just had the most awful thing happen to me.” People comment, ask what and then the person says, “can’t say on here ring me.” It makes me feel excluded and like a Billy no mates. Sorry.

  1. Kisses to My Hubby

I get a lot of people trying to add my husband when they’ve added me (or tried to). For some reason, even though it’s my good books they are trying to get into they will send personal messages and comments with lots of kisses to my hubby. I won’t lie. I am a jealous person and quite protective. I will delete if I think there’s going to be some flirting going on! It’s basic respect. Leave the kisses alone.

Of course this is just my opinion but in summary I would say, stop worrying what others think and post away. Just make sure your privacy settings are OK.