Little beats the feeling of climbing into a warm, soft bed and so we’ve been looking for the very best bedding. We think we’ve found some winners, 100% cotton, luxurious winter bedding that feels amazing and enhances the bedroom design.

Here are our favourites from those we’ve tested over the past couple of months.

Cath Kidston Winter Bedding from the Rug Seller

We already knew the Rug Seller sold high quality rugs in a range of incredible designs but now they also sell premium bedding too. Their taste is incredible was it’s hard to choose from the list of esteemed brands but we chose this set from Cath Kidstone and couldn’t be more delighted. It’s breathable, 100% cotton with a high thread count and it looks amazing on the bed. The only problem will be saving it for December as this is a set I want to use all year round!

Cath Kidstone Bedding

Psst… you can find previous year’s Cath Kidston Christmas Bedding at Terry’s Fabrics for half price

Stag Bedding from Cotton Traders

This muted forest stag bedding from Cotton Traders is supersoft and transforms any room into a winter wonderland. It’s also great value too! You’ll love to curl up in this and will feel as though you’re in your very own log cabin. Check out our gifts for men for other Cotton Traders products.

Ted Baker Rose Bedding

Words cannot describe how great this bedding feels next to skin. Usually sateen bedding has a finish that makes it seem a little slippy and cold. The Ted Baker bedding has nothing of the sort, it’s akin to pure silk on the bed and provides the perfect balance between warm and cool. The enlarged rose adds a statement piece to the bedroom while we believe this to be the most comfortable, dare we say it, sexy, bedding you’ll ever experience. You need to try it to believe it, the tactile experience of this fabric is second to none!

Kylie Adele

The Kylie Adele set adds the glamour your bedroom has been waiting for. With delicate embossed jewels and an attention to detail it brings the wow factor to any bedroom. We’re in love. You can enjoy the Kylie Atmosphere set as a simple and elegant duvet cover and pillowcase ensemble or you can add extra with all the star spangled accessories, such as the plump cushion and velvety soft throw with jewels.

Emma Bridgewater Winter Animals Bedding

The Winter Animals bedding from Emma Bridgewater is a brilliant set for children (and adults) throughout the colder months. It doesn’t focus on Christmas so it can last all season, and it sports an original design that’s sure to delight little ones. Our six year old adores it as she picks out the winter animals, and feels as though she’s falling to sleep under a starlit sky. It’s 100% cotton and feels incredible providing the perfect temperature balance for warm and cosy evenings. Every child should experience Emma Bridgewater bedding at least once in their little lives, it really is quite astonishing, in texture and design.

Murmur Bedding

Murmur are new kids on the block in the bed linen arena and they’ve emerged with style. There’s a limited amount of designs but the designs they have are clean and crisp, ideal for Boho bedroom or minimalist look, they’d also look great in a coastal home. It’s not the designs that caught our attention though it’s the feel of the bedding. It’s so fresh and light while still being warm and cosy. It’s 100% cotton and feels like you’ve stepped into a cloud when you go to bed. They’re well worth a look. This is the Oxford set we tested.

murmur review

Slumberdown Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are ideal if you like a cold bedroom but a warm bed. When the temperature drops below zero, there’s little better than curling up in a pre warmed bed. We love the Slumberdown electric blanket as it’s soft, easy to use, and provides the ideal amount of heat. We’re confident you’ll love it too and it makes a great gift!

A Perfect Mattress from Sleep Sanctuary

W’ve conducted a lot of mattress reviews here on Sunday Woman but this month there’s one we’re championing for those who may be on a budget. At a lower price than its rivals, Sleep Sanctuary offer an intelligent mattress that provides the ideal support while investing in cool technology to keep your body at the perfect temperature. It’s not memory foam it’s something better, it’s gel. It has 1000 pockets, that truly do mould to your body shape to offer the best night’s sleep you’ll experience on a budget. We’re actually surprised that it’s not twice the price as it’s a high quality mattress that’s undoubtedly elite. It wins one of our Top Product Awards for its value for money and ability to deliver incredible support.

Simba Hybrid Pillow

We reviewed the Simba mattress and as such we were excited to see the launch of a new pillow. The pillow is a heavy memory foam that moulds to the head to provide the ideal support while sleeping. We were worried about overheating but that needn’t have been a problem as the cool top layer keeps everything cool, while being soft and easily mouldable. We love it. With this, there’s no need for two pillows, as it is the perfect height. It will become your bedtime best friend, and be one you take with you when away for the night.