It’s rare we come across a women in IT, specifically software, and at this level, yet Sarah makes it look so easy. She is one of the founders of Natural HR and we love her as she has a fully rounded personality behind the professional persona. Natural HR create tailor-made software for HR professionals. The software makes life much easier and organises information to recruit better.

Alongside making the world of HR a more streamlined, organised, industry, Sarah also seems to manage family life impeccably, and like other working mums, she has more than enough personal challenges to deal with.

Developing the software with her partner, Jason, after identifying a gap in the market, Sarah has taken her career into her own hands, as she realised she needed to combine her ambition with the role of raising a family. Sarah has endured the usual setbacks that arise when trying to gain advancements in career, with two children under five and we love her as she’s taken complete control of her own destiny, not to mention, inventing a brilliant product we think will be a major success in HR.

Alongside her success, Sarah is keen to encourage other mums into the tech industry, into software, HR and entrepreneurship in general. She works tirelessly to inspire others while sharing her no holds barred stories on her blog, giving others insight into what it takes to be a successful working mum.

Sarah’s blog is a little hard hitting at times, as it’s astounding to see the challenges she’s faced in order to make her dream a reality, yet one aspect shines through it all, the inspiration. We urge you to visit the blog, to be inspired, and to see that if Sarah can do this with all the odds stacked against her at times, you can do it too.

We always champion women in business, especially those managing families committed to making a real difference and this is why, this month, we’ve put Sarah Dowzell in the spotlight.

Please do visit her blog or find out more about the HR software today.