Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for love you will have heard the horror stories from popular dating apps. It seems as though the apps have sped up, providing quick convenience for finding a match, however, the needs of the users have also adapted to this fast way to find and lose love. Women are starting to avoid these swipe left type dating platforms as they find the men quite lazy and unintelligent. The men, with so many options at their fingertips put in little effort to secure a date, leaving more mature (intellectually and physically) females frustrated.

Few men use these popular apps to look for a long-term relationship or for a deep connection. They’re often used for a quick hook up which is fine if the lady is not looking for love. What is the solution, how do intelligent women find the friendship they’re looking for? How can men meet women who don’t expect a quick fling, and how can both parties have meaningful conversations that don’t simply say, “how’s u?”

Go Offline for Dating Opportunities

One way to find new potential partners is to ditch the technology altogether and to go offline. There are still traditional dating agencies for serious daters that find you a match using the tried and tested method of full profiles and telephone calls. These are few and far between now, but it does mean you can meet people in your local area that have been pre selected. They may be more expensive than their online counterparts but still rewarding and effective.

Although it sounds cliché, joining local groups and organisations can help many meet a new partner, or even a friend to share common interests with. Libraries, local pubs and community centres are great places for finding out about local events, along with highlighting areas where you can get involved. Something as simple as managing an allotment can broaden your social circle to give you more opportunities to find love.

Go Online in the Right Places

If you love the thought of dating online but don’t like the idea of quick dating apps there is a solution. There are mature dating sites that understand your struggle and aim to eliminate the problems many intelligent women face. These dating sites encourage conversation and meaningful connections. They’re not for quick hook ups, they’re for those serious about meeting a companion for life.

Maturity Dating is a site that brings over 50’s together. It’s a great example of mature dating online, and ideal for the more mature women who are seeking intelligence over looks. Free to join and to create a profile, it has a relaxed feel about it, it doesn’t rush, it encourages the user to take their time which is ideal if you’re looking for something with more substance.

There are intelligent men online, and if you’re struggling to find them you may be looking in the wrong place. Consider a more niche dating website to discover singles who match your needs.